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Thursday, September 10, 2015


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Deadline: September 20, 2015

This prize is offered as a memorial to honor the memory of the mothers of the founders. Having been in the “theater business” for a number of years, we are well aware of how discouraging it can be to submit plays and to receive no positive feedback. At times it seems that all our efforts, expectations and dedication are wasted.

Our prize is intended to identify dramatic talent, to give it a degree of acknowledgment, and to provide encouragement to continue. The prize is awarded based upon written scripts. The prize will, we hope, provide talented (struggling?) playwrights with some needed encouragement when any success seems impossibly far away.

The judges will accept submissions for each season; the cutoff date for each season is posted at the top of this website. A prize will be given four times a year, once each season. This means that all plays submitted within a season, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter will be judged as a distinct group. The prize will consist of $50 cash and a certificate. The award is admittedly nominal. However, it may help you get your play produced in the future. And it should make you feel better about your work.

There is no fee for submission. Submissions are by email only. We shall attempt to respond as soon as possible. However, this will vary depending upon the number of submissions.

Submissions will be as either rejected or entered into a pool of potential winners. The final winner will be determined at the end of each submission period. Winning plays and playwrights, with permission, will be identified.

If desired, we will provide a brief evaluation as to defects and/or suggestions for improvement of rejected plays. Let us know, in your submission, if you desire this. Be warned; we will be tough. We are VERY candid. There is a $5 fee for an evaluation, payable via PayPal, credit card or check. Indicate in your submission e-mail if you wish to receive an evaluation and how you will pay for it, you will then be contacted with the payment information.

Reviews may be quoted or used in any way desired by the author.

The judges do not intend to produce any of the prize-winning plays, except in highly unusual conditions. One necessary condition is being within easy traveling distance of suburban New York City.

  • Plays previously produced, or entered in other contests, are acceptable. 
  • Plays should have an appeal to a general audience.
  • Plays should not contain profanity
  • Theatre of the Absurd plays are not acceptable. 
  • Plays may be on any subject as long as they show talent and work
  • Do not send any music. The lyrics alone are sufficient
  • Plays should be in English, and free from grammatical errors. Use spell and grammar check.
  • Scripts should be no more than 60 pages
  • Synopsis and autobiographical information are desired but not necessary
Your play should be presented with regard to realistic requirements for cast, scenery, sets, lighting and sound effects, etc. Community theater groups often operate with limited budgets.

Each submission should have contact information, and a sentence or two identifying your intention. Tell us what you hope to accomplish with your play.

Submit your play to dutchtheatre@gmail.com

Good luck, God bless and keep creating.

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