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Thursday, August 7, 2014

11th Annual Playwrights and Artists Festival Call for Submissions

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When we look at a piece of art each person has a different interpretation of what they see. That is the beauty of art and the challenge to our playwrights. Each year we take three works of art and ask writers to write a play as they are moved or inspired by the artwork. We blind-read the submissions, select the best and produce them. The art is exhibited, we perform the play and ask the audience for feedback. It is our annual mixed media event that draws inquisitive art and theatre lovers to KNOW. Come join us.

Live viewing will be available by appointment only. 
To make an appointment please call 607-724-4341

The pieces are:

1. Barney Ross and the Renaissance or the Art of Boxing: Wayne Claypatch. graphite and colored pencil on paper, 23 x 30 in.


2. Being and Time: Gordon Lee. 2014, oil and acrylic on canvas. 48 x 48 in.


3. Last Creek: Steve Carver. 2013, acrylic & alkyd on masonite. 20 x 29.75 in.


1. Play must be inspired by on of the works of art.
2. Play length is limited to 15-20 minutes maximum (no exceptions).
3. Cast size no greater than 5 characters. Set should be implied.
4. Playwright, if chosen, must be available to attend performances.

Please submit plays to binghamtoncitystage@gmail.com subject should be “playwrights festival submissions”

The deadline for play submissions is August 31 at midnight. 

There will be no exceptions. Plays will then be sent to be adjudicated and those chosen will have some time for tweaking if needed.
Please submit plays to

binghamtoncitystage@gmail.com subject should be “playwrights festival submissions”

Please include a front page with name and title (which will be removed upon sending to adjudicators). Please ONLY put your name at the front of the script as we are trying to keep the submissions anonymous for the adjudication process. And please indicate what piece of artwork you were inspired by.

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