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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Thistle Dew Theatre & KTDT Drama-dy seeks monologues and short plays for Stage and Radio

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Call for play submissions: monologues, short plays, one act or full-length plays for stage and radio.

! Contest !: Monthly themed monologues and mini-plays needed. On-going, no submission fee, no deadline.

Continuing calls:

Tales/Lies for THE LIAR'S LAIR


Super Heroes (Of your own making)

http://superheroesthistledewktdt.blogspot.com/ .

Tales Told After School (No identifiable names).

Halloween (need I say more?).

November: Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.

December (November 15 deadline).

Contact Tom: tddtheatre@aol.com . Expect immediate response.

Rules for engagement:
  • Your play can be either a comedy or a drama. 
  • Your play calls for one (1) to six (6) characters. 
  • Your play exhibits freshness, sufficient conflict and engaging text. 
  • Your play must be production ready. 
  • Your play is in simple standard format, 14pt. Times or Times Roman font. 
  • Your complete play is in .doc format with numbered pages. 
  • Page One: Your Title, contact information and 200 word biography. 
  • Page Two: Your Character breakdown and 300 word synopsis. 
  • The subject line of your email submission to tddtheatre@aol.com reads TDDT Play Submission . 
  • There is no entry fee. 
  • There is no deadline for (most) submissions. 
Address your queries to Tom at.... tddtheatre@aol.com

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