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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Orange Hanky Productions is accepting submissions of original gay plays

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Orange Hanky Productions is accepting submissions of original gay plays for future reading series and productions.

Orange Hanky’s mission is to produce original plays which raise the bar on gay theater, tackling the issues facing gay people in a truthful, raw and fresh way. OHP seeks out plays which break new ground in the representation of gay characters, plays in which simply being gay is not in and of itself the conflict. Orange Hanky’s productions present situations which are uniquely gay but are motivated by needs and fears which resonate with everyone, regardless of sexuality.

Put more simply, none of the main conflicts in the play should be about any characters dealing with, or coming to terms with, their sexuality or gender identity.

Submitted plays should be between one and two hours in length, and must contain significant LGBT content. Plays may have had prior readings and workshops, but must never have had a production in New York.

To apply, please email to orangehanky@gmail.com your script and a cover letter, including your contact information, the title of the play, a brief (no more than one paragraph) synopsis, and (if applicable) the play’s previous reading, workshop and non-NY production history.

Please attach your script to your email as a .pdf, MS Word, or plain text document. We will not accept submissions in other formats, nor will we accept hard copies.

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