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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NYCPlaywrights February 2012 Play of the Month: BEAUTIFUL BOY by Joseph Jude Zito

The February 2012 Play of the Month is BEAUTIFUL BOY by Joseph Jude Zito, performed by Valerie David and Michael Indeglio. Thanks for your wonderful work and for sharing your talent. And special thanks to the actors for waking up early on a Sunday morning to record this on the subway.

Joseph discusses the play:
This play was produced in 2007 as part of Sundog's Staten Island Ferry series. The play setting has changed from in a park, on a ferry, on a subway..., etc., but the setting isn't important. The necessary set-up is that the mother gets ten minutes to be with her boy, that's it.

It is a companion piece to THIS SIDE OF BABYLON, which is my updated adaptation of Fitzgerald's short story, "Babylon revisited."

I think because I come from a family of divorce (parents split up when I was ten), the idea of an estranged parent trying to reunite with his/her child resonated with me - especially since, I was not allowed to see my father until I was an adult, so there was an 11-year gap there. Both plays explore the possibility or hope of "happy reunion" with potential for reconnecting permanently, followed by the reality of, "it's not gonna happen." Hmmm. Ok, writing is therapy! :-)

More about Joseph and the cast here.

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