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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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April 2, 2012 submission deadline (No fooling!)

SCHEDULE & SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Submitted short plays must be less than 15 minutes long, centered on the theme serendipity.

Submissions should be previously unproduced.

Only one submission per author will be accepted.

8 finalists will be chosen by a panel of 5 readers. Reading will be blind, so AUTHOR NAME and other author information CANNOT BE ON THE PAGES OF THE PLAY but only on the cover page (which will not be distributed). Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Pagination should begin on page 1 of the text. Please include name of play on each page.

Please submit in ms word or pdf format. Please use no more than 5 characters in your play.

Please be aware that selected plays will be staged with minimal sets, props, costumes, lights and sound.

The 8 selected plays will be assigned a director (at random) who will cast actors and present the work as he/she sees fit.

The 8 finalists have the chance to compete for an audience “peoples’ choice” award as well as judges’ awards.

Lastly, we are a community theater, so please no X-rated scripts. We simply can’t perform them for our audiences.

April 2, 2012 submission deadline (No fooling!)

May 1, 2012 finalists will be announced

July 13 & 14 performance dates, 8:00 pm

Submit by snail mail or e-mail to: shortssubmissions@driftwoodplayers.com
Scripts will not be returned. Good luck!

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