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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aural Stage Studios is now accepting submissions for Aural Traditions and Dialed In

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Submissions: Aural Traditions and Dialed In

What is Aural Traditions ?
Aural Traditions is a new media presentation that brings writers and performers together in order to showcase both in an inexpensive and easily distributable medium with potential for world wide exposure.

What is  Dialed In ?
Dialed In is a anthology connecting the audience to a series of horrific, comedic, twisted and utterly absurd phone conversations.

Aural Stage Studios is looking for pieces specifically fit for audio performance.  We are a performance-based group seeking submissions that are heavily character-based with audio performance in mind.

All script submissions should be in or adaptable to an audio format, to be featured on one of our audio drama programs.

Submissions for Aural Traditions should have no more than five characters, including the narrator.

Submissions for  Dialed In  should take the form of a telephone conversation.

Submissions for stand alone pieces and alternative series may also be submitted and will be reviewed for potential future projects by our producers and crew.

What genres do you produce ?
  • While we don’t really specify genres, we can tell you a little about our tastes:
  • Matthew is partial to the absurd, surreal, horrific and strange, which are great for audio.
  • Samantha would like to see pieces on both ends of the spectrum, both humor and heavy relationship stuff.
  • Monique is compelled by things that have a history or back story to them.
  • Strong, unusual characters lure actors, but characters should try to take themselves seriously (camp pieces excepted).
  • Holiday themed pieces are great and will be produced and released accordingly.
  • Dynamic plot lines, characters and ideas are what makes us happy.
  • In the phone series, we’d like to see some entries with established relationships.  Our entries so far have been phone calls between strangers. These are fine, but we’d like to see a little of both.
Submissions are made via their web site: http://www.auralstage.com/submit/

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