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Friday, February 10, 2012

Bare Knuckle Theatre Festival Contestants

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The groundhog didn’t hide because it saw its shadow, it hid because the Bare-Knuckle Theatre Festival has come out of hibernation!
After a three month break, Altruistic’s hit late-night one act competition is back and harder-core than ever. Playwrights don’t miss your opportunity to showcase your talent to a packed house and maybe win our unrivaled cash prize.

Five shows go in, one show comes out on top.

The Rules
- Submit your best 10-20 minute play. After 20 minutes we will fade to black.
- Bring your own cast. We can supply a stage manager the night of.
- “Bare-knuckle” plays require minimal sets (Tables and chairs provided), no major lighting or sound cues.
- No submission fee, only paying attendees can vote.
- Any theme or topic, no casting limitations.
- Winner by audience ballot gets 50% of the profits, so bring fans.

Hosted by your well-intentioned friends at the Altruistic Theatre Company.

Submission guidelines below.

To Enter:
To apply, contact us by email to submissions.altruistic@gmail.com.

- A character break down and short synopsis of the work.
- A full script
- Writer/Company Bio and website
- Producer contact information

Deadline is February 24th
Participants will be notified by March 1st.
The show will be hosted March 30th at 10pm.

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