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Thursday, May 16, 2024

The 15th Annual Northport One-Act Play Festival


Deadline: June 1, 2024

Submission form to print and fill out here

The 2024 Northport One-Act Play Festival will be held at St Paul’s United Methodist Church, 270 Main St, Northport, NY 11768.

We request that you be available to attend your play’s performances if possible. An Open Discussion with the playwrights, directors, and cast may follow each performance if time allows.


1) Please make sure your script pages are numbered;

2) On the cover of your script, please include a.) Name of Your Play, b.) Your Name, c.) Your Contact information [Address, Telephone Number & Email];

3) Include the character breakdown on the second page of your script;

4) Include the Setting that your play occurs (i.e., an apartment in NYC.) and the Time (i.e. the Present.) on the second page. This information will be used in the program.

5) Note: Ease of production is also considered as part of a play’s possible selection for the Festival. We recommend one simple set and no complicated props, sound or lighting requirements. You will bepermitted to have opening and closing music which is in the public domain: no music which requires a royalty. We suggest no more than 4 characters.

6) Also submit a digital copy of your script, either on a CD included with the script, or by email to NorthportPlays@gmail.com.

7) Please include a Self Addressed Stamped Postcard if you would like notification that we have received your script.


1.     REMEMBER: If you do not produce your own play, a group from the local theater community will be doing so. That group must find space to conduct their own rehearsals. The Northport One-Act Play Festival will provide for One (1) cue-to-cue technical rehearsal, which will last no longer than 20 minutes in the theater during the weekpreceding the Festival. There will also be One (1) tech and one

(1) dress rehearsal on the stage. All rehearsals are scheduled in the order that plays will be presented in the Festival.Each program consists of up to 7 playsA mandatory preview on Sep 14th will be scheduled and must be attended by Director and actors. Half-hour time slots will be offered between 11:00am and 5:00pm.

2.     LIGHTING AND SOUND: There will be a basic lighting plot that all plays in the Festival use. Any additionalequipment (i.e., microphone, musical instruments, etc.) must be provided by the Directors of the play. Any music/sound effects must be on CD or sent as an MP3 file and supplied by preview day, Sep 14th, along with stage manager, sound and lighting cue scripts (3 separate notated scripts).

3.     SETS: We will assist in any way possible to provide basic sets but keep the scenery and props to a minimum. Any plans to use a large set piece to support the production must be mentioned to the producers of the play before Sep 14thYour cast will be asked to help clear your set after each performance.

4.     RUNNING TIME: It is very important that you give us the running time of your play so we can accurately puttogether the running time of each Program. The maximum running time for a play in the Festival is 20 minutes. Any play going longer in rehearsal will require some editing. The minimum running time is 7 minutes.

5.     REHEARSALS: Directors and cast must be available to present their play to Festival producers

Sep 14th (time to be determined) so that the producers are aware of its current running time and readiness for theFestival. Note: Producers may request the directors to have playwrights make edits to reduce the running time of the play at this point if it is determined that it will run past 20 minutes.

Directors and cast must attend tech and dress rehearsals on the dates assigned during the week preceding the Festival.

6.     ACTORS: If asked, management can assist in casting by providing contact information to appropriate actors and publicizing your auditions. Director must send descriptions of open roles, e.g. age, sex, etc.

7.     PERFORMANCES: All plays will be assigned to either Program 1 or Program 2. Program 1 will be performed the evening of Friday, Sep 27th and the matinee of Saturday, Sep 28th. Program 2 will be performed on the evening of Saturday, Sep 28th and the matinee of Sunday, Sep 29th.

8.     No Royalties or other monetary compensations are given for these performances.


TECHNICAL / PRODUCTION: You will need to keep the technical requirements for your show very simple. There willbe a general light plot, with specials that everyone involved in the Festival will use. Sound is basic. Directors should submit their sound and music on a CD or MP3 file before Sep 14thDirectors will have a chance to discuss tech with the staff at this Preview Day. Storage space is limited so you should keep your props and set to a minimum. Each play will have onecue to cue technical rehearsal for 20 minutes in the theater during the week prior to the Festival and one dress rehearsal.

PUBLICITY: Northport Plays, Inc will publicize the Northport One-Act Play Festival and coordinate overall press relations, including interviews and media attendance at performances. The directors will be asked to submit publicity photos & PR materials so that we can send complete press packages to print, broadcast and social media. A copy of the flyer/poster will be emailed to all parties. You are responsible for publicizing your own show through your own pressreleases, Facebook, and other means. The more you promote your show, the larger your potential audience. Northport One-Act Play Festival will produce a playbill for both Programs.

EXCLUSIVITY: Whether or not your play is accepted in the Northport One-Act Play Festival, Northport Reader’sTheater will try to include your script in their monthly hybrid readings. You will be invited to attend the reading of your play if it is scheduled. The readings are followed by a discussion of the play. If you are unable to attend, a video will be made of the reading and the link sent to you.

NETWORKING: The Northport One-Act Play Festival is a wonderful place for talent to network and be considered for new projects. Just think, at every performance your work will be seen by other playwrights, directors, and actors. In addition,there will be an opportunity for the playwrights and casts to meet the audience following each Program. The Northport One-Act Play Festival is a great place to be seen and be heard. Several Festival plays have gone on to runs on Long Island and in New York City.

PLEASE NOTE: The goal of the Northport One-Act Play Festival is to provide a nurturing environment to develop and showcase new plays. We pride ourselves in providing a platform to present diverse, exciting, new works that capture the pulse of innovative theatre. We enjoy the wide range of talent that we have been able to provide and a stage and for artists to present new work. We take several factors into consideration when deciding to accept a play into the Festival. Subjectmatter, creativity and freshness are important factors. Tell us in your cover letter why you feel you need to be a part of the Northport One-Act Play Festival.

ACCEPTANCE: All applicants will receive acceptance status notification (i.e. accepted or declined). Notification of acceptance status will begin to be mailed on or about July 1, 2024. If your play is accepted, you will receive a Release Agreement to participate in the Festival. You will have until July 15, 2024 to sign the Agreement and mail it to us along with your $75 participation fee. If your play is accepted into the Festival, you will be told in which Program your play will be performed. If you have a conflict with any of the dates, please note it on your submission form. You will receive two complimentary tickets to each performance of your play and a DVD of or link to the performance.

TICKETS: The Northport One-Act Play Festival tickets will be available for sale online beginning in September 2024. Information will be available at www.NorthportPlays.com or 631-223-8053.

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