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Friday, May 3, 2024

Ghost City Review submission guidelines


Deadline: none listed

Ghost City Review welcomes submissions of poems, short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, adventure narratives, journal entries, short plays, monologues, translations, photographs, oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, dioramas…. pretty much anything you can think of. We want to see it all. Show us what you’ve created. We’re looking for new work from both emerging and established authors and artists. To get an idea of what kind of work we tend to publish, look through our previous issues and decide whether your work would be a good fit. We do not believe in silent rejections, so you're sure to receive a response to all submissions. Our response time is around 1—3 months, but we usually get to the submissions sooner. If you don't hear from us within 3 months, please feel free to reach out to us at ghostcityreview@gmail.com.


We DO NOT accept any work that has been previously published in a literary & arts journal or on an online blog. This does not include your personal blogs and social media sites, however, we do ask that you take the work down before you submit it to us for consideration.

We do accept simultaneous submissions. We even encourage them and wish you luck in getting your work published, but please notify our editors of this when submitting. Also be sure to immediately notify us if accepted elsewhere.

You can submit to different categories but please email each submission with different categories in separate emails (i.e., poetry in one email and a short story in a second email).

Ghost City Review runs on a rolling submissions schedule, so feel free to submit your work at any time. DO NOT submit again until you’ve heard a response.

Please include a short 2-3 sentence author bio with your submission (written in third person).

In the subject line of your email, please include your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - SUBMISSION CATEGORY. For example: Smith, Joe - Poetry.

Ghost City Review will nominate for The Pushcart Prize beginning in 2023.


POETRY: Please send up to three poems in a single Microsoft Word document. Please do not send PDFs or links.

PROSE: Please send up to 3 prose pieces per submission in a single Microsoft Word document — no more than 3,000 words per submission (for the entire document). Please do not send PDFs or links.

ART: Please send up to three pieces as high quality JPGs.

REVIEWS: Please send us an email with a proposal for the title you would like to review.

OTHER: Please feel free to submit anything that falls outside of the categories listed above. This might include journal entries, short plays, monologues, translations, etc. Be creative. We like this category.


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