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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Exist Otherwise Issue 12 open for submissions


Deadline: May 31, 2024


We accept any kind of written work: poetry, prose, essays, fiction, creative non-fiction, scripts, hybrid, experimental writing, whatever. The amount of work you may submit each month is determined by length. Maximum word count is 1000.

500 Words or Less: You may submit up to three (3) per month.

500-1000 Words: You may submit up to one (1) per month.

Please only submit original, works.

We accept work that has been previously published, but please let us know.

Simultaneous submissions are fine.

If we publish original work, we ask you to acknowledge that the work was first published with Exist Otherwise, but we do not require this.

We pay $15 per published work. Payment is issued within 1-3 days of publishing.

We can only guarantee payment through Paypal or Venmo. If you are unable to use either of those, let us know ahead of time and we’ll try to work something out.

We prefer all work to be submitted through our Submission Form.Theme/Prompt

“In everyday life, we waste words and gestures because we have time to lose and no one is looking, but the actor, a thousand eyes follow his movements and he has only an hour or two to transmit the drama that he performs, it is therefore indispensible that he act and speak with the greatest economy, on stage no waste, nothing must be lost.”

—Claude Cahun

Submission Tips
  • Don’t be literal! We do not want work that explicitly mentions, or refers to, our theme or prompt. These are meant to be inspirational, not directional. Submitted work does not have to respond to the Issue Theme or Prompt. We give preference to responses, but all work will be considered.
  • You may respond to either the Theme or the Prompt, or both (or neither).
  • You don’t have to tell us you’re responding, but you may (we can usually tell).
  • If responding, use the Theme or Prompt as a gentle suggestion for the mood, style, or content of your work. Does the Theme or Prompt evoke anything in you? If so, try to submit work that may have similar associations or inferences.
  • Prompts exist to inspire. If ours don’t inspire you, ignore them.

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