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Monday, November 27, 2023

Experimental Theater Writing Workshop – Winter 2023

Seeking female or female-identifying experimental writers for the Fall Experimental Theater Writing Workshop. This is a series of ten Zoom classes/workshops held every Tuesday evening from 01/09/24 - 03/12/24. Classes will consist of discussions of homework material; prompt assignments; and readings of work generated in class. The last class will consist of final presentations.


Literary movements and theories allow us to see the social response of theatre to the world.  While these movements and theories enlighten us to historical artistic responses, they can also seem like arcane academic subjects to the writer.  Questions we may ask are: can some of these concepts unearth new dramatic possibilities for the writer?  Can theories or techniques of the past be relevant in today’s socio-political landscape?  If we are seeking new ways to express ourselves as dramatists and theatre makers, we might continue our search for other techniques that allow us to expand our toolkit and create unique experiences for our audiences.

The goals of this course are: 1) to gain additional theater writing techniques which expand the writer’s current theatrical repertoire; 2) to investigate writing techniques as a representation of a writer’s response to the world; and 3) to strengthen a connection between theatre and various other theories and movements. 



  • Only 1 submission per playwright
  • 1 experimental writing sample. Each sample is up to 10 pages only. 
  • Title page on sample should contain:
    • title
    • name
    • contact info
  • Second page should contain:
    • Character breakdown
    • setting
    • time
  • file name of sample play should read: titleOfPlay_lastname_exp.pdf

Writers will be selected based on the nature of the work submitted and availability. By experimental, we mean work that challenges the conventional elements of theater. If selected, the fee is $400 ($350 for returning students).   Please note that this is an intensive course with an expectation that the writer will participate in class discussions and spend time writing 10 pages of new material outside the class each week.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/NgrqJVpkjUCyr5pt5

Deadline: December 20th, 2023 5 pm.

Web: 3ws dot silverglassprods dot com

FB: @etww19nyc


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