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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Long Beach Short Play Festival 2024


Deadline: December 3, 2023

MAY 4-5, 2024 FESTIVAL 



This short play festival is in keeping with Artist in Partnership (AIP)'s mission to
  • Foster a partnership between the arts and our community at large to raise the visibility of the arts in Long Beach, NY And the surrounding Long Island area; 
  • Assist new playwrights in getting their talents seen by and shared with our local audiences, and to 
  • Cultivate an appreciation of theater by new patrons. 
There is NO FEE to submit your play to be considered for inclusion in this Festival. Playwrights may submit up to two (2) plays, with a separate application accompanying each submission.


All plays submitted will be reviewed by a selection panel chosen by the Festival’s Artistic Director and Executive Producer, who will also have input. Playwrights will be notified on or about January 15, 2024, if their play has been selected for inclusion in the festival.

Selected playwrights must submit a PARTICIPATION FEE of $150.00 per accepted play to help defray some production expenses, along with a signed Participation Agreement by no later than February 2, 2024. All selected playwrights will receive  one (1) complimentary admission to each performance of their selected play(s).

The 2024 Long Beach Short Play Festival is hosted by Temple Emanu-El in their ballroom at 455 Neptune Blvd, Long Beach, NY, which seats 150 patrons. So, our host’s congregations will be considered by the Festival Selection Panel in reviewing the language, situations and themes used in any play submitted. The Festival’s Artistic Director, and the Executive Producer reserve all final decisions regarding selection, content, staging, and running time presented.

All submissions must be original and unpublished (but our festival’s production of them does not have to be a premiere).

All production and publication rights will remain the property of the playwright. No royalties or other monetary compensation will be paid to the playwrights nor anyone else by the festival for presenting any of these plays. Other than reviewing these plays for selection, no critical analysis or feedback will be provided by the festival to the playwrights.

Ease of production is a prerequisite for all plays considered for production in this Festival. The stage is 40’ wide x 18’ deep, with masking to provide wings on stage left, center, and right. A simple set footprint and minimalist production requirements (e.g., costuming, props, audiovisual, etc.) are non-negotiable. A basic lighting/sound plot will be used for all plays in the festival. Given the available resources, musical plays cannot be considered for this year’s Festival.

Plays submitted for the festival can run no longer than 30 minutes (if unsure, please use 1.1 minute per page for estimation), and regardless, brisk pacing is a prerequisite for the Festival’s Artistic Director. Plays can be comedies or dramas (or in between), as well as monologues. The festival will present two (2) performances of each play selected on the same day, with the dates, times and order of presentation assigned at the sole discretion of the Festival’s Artistic Director and Executive Producer.

Playwrights can submit their play(s) for production by AIP or they can self-produce it (them). If the latter, please note that the ballroom stage is only available for one (1) evening tech/dress rehearsal on either April 30 or May 1, 2024 (TBD for each play) and the Festival’s Artistic Director must attend a full run-through of each selected play by no later than April 24, 2024, to forestall any technical issues and ensure proper pacing and projection. All tech rehearsals will be scheduled in the exact order that the plays will be presented at the festival to properly work through the set changes between them (each play’s cast will be expected to assist with set changes, if necessary). Each Program may consist of as many as seven (7) plays.

Videos of our 2022 Festival plays can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/@longbeachshortplayfestival2022

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