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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

46th Annual One-Act Playwriting Competition at the Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA)


Deadline: September 16, 2023

*If you are unable to pay the entry fee for the competition, please email oneactslta@gmail.com to request a fee waiver.

Link to submission: https://forms.gle/2L3hoMqWSfgd2PCY6

Guidelines for Submission
For a play to be considered for this competition, the submission(s) must be an original, unpublished, and un-produced (not staged for a paying audience, including festivals with paid tickets, as of the date of entry) play.

Time permitting, LTA intends to produce the winner(s) in the summer of 2024 in conjunction with The Arlington Players (TAP).

LTA and/or TAP shall have the right to produce winning scripts without payment of royalties in 2024. Shows that receive a paid production during the submission period must be withdrawn, with another play allowed for substitution through September 16th. All production and publication rights remain the property of the playwright.

To participate in the 46th Annual One-Act Playwriting competition, you must follow all of the guidelines on the following pages. Any questions can be directed to the One Act Chairs at oneactslta@gmail.com.

You must submit your entry and payment no later than September 16, 2023. If your play is not submitted by this deadline, your play will not be considered for the competition.

How to Submit Your Show:
Please use the link below to fill out our submission form. You will be asked for some information about yourself and to upload your shows directly to the form. If you have any issues submitting your show, please email us at oneactslta@gmail.com. Please note that the form will only allow you to upload a file if you are using a gmail account. If you do not have one, please email us for additional instructions.

Submission Fee:
What the Fee Goes Towards:

If you would like to learn more about the fee, what it goes towards etc, please see their website.

*If you are unable to pay the entry fee for the competition, please email oneactslta@gmail.com to request a fee waiver.

All plays must be sent as a PDF file. Any other electronic format will not be accepted.

Script must be in blind copy formatting (meaning, no identifying information about the author should appear in the script, including name, address or contact information)

Script must include a list of characters with descriptions, a brief synopsis of the show, and numbered pages.

Scripts that do not meet the above guidelines may not be scored.

Script Content
  • The approximate run time of the show must be 20 to 50 minutes.
  • Shows cannot include nudity. However, strong themes and language are welcome.
  • The submission must be a stage play. Film, TV or other scripts will not be accepted.
  • The show cannot be a musical or a play with live instrumentation.
  • The show cannot be the same submission from the year prior unless significant re-writes have been made to the script. For more information, email the chairs at oneactslta@gmail.com.
Technical Requirements
  • Given that the winners will be staged, the show must be written to meet technical specifications for the theater. A limited budget (approximately $500) will be made available to the production team. Examples from previous years are provided below, but if you have questions on whether your show would meet technical specifications, you can email oneactslta@gmail.com.Set: One large set piece (e.g., a rooftop) or a few smaller/medium-sized pieces (e.g., a bus seat, sand dunes)
  • Props and costumes: Should be readily available or easily made
  • Light and sound: Show should be accommodated with basic lighting instruments and minimal sound effects.
  • Special effects: Some special effects can be accommodated (e.g., fog)
  • Combat and/or intimacy choreography: Must be minimal
  • Music: Shows with live music cannot be accommodated
  • Additional technical notes: The theater has access to a fly system and a track system that can be used for these productions.


Scripts will be judged on the following categories:
  • Concept
  • Dramatic Action
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Ability to be performed within technical requirements

Prizes of $350 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd place, and $150 for 3rd place will be awarded. 

Winning scripts will also be offered an opportunity to have their script workshopped before going to production.

Notification of Outcome

Finalists will be notified in mid-November 2023, and final winners will be selected by the end of 2023. All playwrights will be notified of their final status by the end of 2023. LTA is proud to offer feedback to authors who request it. Feedback will be provided to all authors by the end of January 2024.


If you have any questions about the submission process, please email oneactslta@gmail.com.

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