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Saturday, October 30, 2021



Deadline: November 7, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

The Performance AIRspace Residency annually supports three New York City-based performing artists. Residents receive a commission for the creation of a new work to premiere as part of Abrons presenting season, 200 hours of studio time, administrative support, as well as a technical and production residency.

Learn more about the application process, as well as our current residents below.


With support from The Jerome Foundation, a cohort of 3 early career movement-based performing artists are annually invited to participate in our Performance AIRspace Residency. Performance AIRspace residents are provided with a monetary commission, premium access to studios and theaters for rehearsals towards the development of a live performance to be presented at Abrons Arts Center.

Program Components:

• $7,000 commission for a new work to be presented at Abrons as part of our 2022-2023 Presenting Season. Performances must be programmed to occur before June 30, 2023.
• 200 hours of fully subsidized studio rental time in any of our performance studios (excluding Studio G-05) and theaters. Please visit our website to learn more about our studio and theater spaces

Eligibility Requirements:

• Applicants must be based in New York City and living within 5 boroughs at the time of application submission and during the residency period.
• Applicants and all associated collaborators who will be onsite at Abrons during the residency and production period must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated. Please learn more by reading our COVID-19 Safety Rules.
• Applicants working in movement-based practices that are interdisciplinary in nature are encouraged to apply. Collaborative groups are invited to apply but will receive the same commission fee as an individual artist. Collaboratives can only submit 1 application; Collaboratives that submit more than 1 application for the same project will be disqualified from the review process.
• Applicants must identify as early-career artists. (Abrons’ and Jerome Foundation’s criteria for “early-career artist” available in application)
• Applicants must apply with a project proposal that has not yet premiered in its final form in New York City.
• Applicants who are enrolled in degree-granting programs or are students during the grant period are not eligible to apply.
• As a program of the historic Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Arts Center is committed to the belief that artistic practice is key to a socio-politically engaged and healthy society. Applicants should closely review the Abrons Arts Center Mission Statement and Declaration of Inclusion before applying for the Residency.

Who is an “early career” artist?

An early career artist “typically has a track record of generating and publicly presenting full work over which they have ultimate creative control in the discipline in which they are applying, but are not yet at a point in their careers where they receive consistent development and production opportunities and significant recognition, awards, and acclaim.” Please note that this category is not contingent on the age of the artist.

Application Timeline:

Application link goes live: October 4, 2021
Application deadline: November 7, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET
Applicants notified of status: January 2022

Monday, July 26, 2021


web site

Deadline: August 1, 2021

Close to 8 million people worldwide have contracted Covid-19. 1 million have died. In the United States alone, over 200,000 have succumbed to this deadly virus, and counting. With no end to the pandemic in sight, the “new normal” involves lockdowns, social distancing, face masks, fear, and political strife.

More than any other creative genre, drama has suffered the hardest during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the closure of theaters worldwide as in plagues of the past, playhouses have been forced to find new ways to reproduce the magic of live theater by going virtual. For smaller venues lacking the resources, many have closed temporarily or permanently shuttered. For playwrights, this reality translates to fewer opportunities to showcase their work, and the virus places in peril the future of live theater and new works.

We seek an anthology to showcase works by playwrights examining Covid-19 in all its permutations. 

We are looking for dramatic works (short plays, performance pieces, monologues, etc.) from diverse playwrights worldwide that speak to the deaths, isolation, social, political, and economic upheaval that have followed in the wake of this pandemic. 

The anthology will be published by FlowerSong Press (https://www.flowersongpress.com/) in Spring 2022.

To submit, send new and un-produced scripts as attachments of no more than 25 pages to covidanthology@gmail.com by August 1, 2021. Include a 50-75 word 3rd-person bio in the body of your email. Plays that have had readings or workshops are acceptable. Format scripts as Microsoft Word or PDF documents only, and include a title page with contact information. Simultaneous submissions are okay but please notify us asap if accepted elsewhere. All accepted playwrights will receive a copy of the anthology upon publication.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The New Masculinities Festival

web site

Deadline: Sunday, June 28, 2020


New York City's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center.

Man Question is seeking performances that investigate how expectations of masculinity impact people’s lives, for the 8th annual New Masculinities Festival! We seek pieces that have the potential to challenge audience members to experience the world and, in some cases the word masculinity, in a new way.

Images from the 2019 New Masculinities Festival. Here’s 2016, 2017, and 2018, too. See 2016 and 2017 performance videos on our youtube channel.

We are open (and eager!) to embrace proposals for performance works that explore masculinity from a wide variety of vantage points. Indeed, our definition of "performance" (as well as masculinity) is broad and open-minded, and we invite works grounded in many different creative practices and/or media. In the past, we have presented theatre works (short plays, scenes, monologues, devised and written work), poetry, dance, performance art, video work, music, and more, by solo artists and groups.

The festival is open to people of all genders and sexual identities. We strongly encourage proposals from people traditionally underrepresented on stage: People of color, young people, seniors, HIV positive people, disabled people, trans, non-binary, gender nonconforming people, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people—come on out!



Applications consist of written material and supporting documentation. Feel free to review the application questions and requirements by clicking the “Submit a Proposal” link. Tip—don’t use the form to draft your responses. It will not save your progress as you go!

Pieces over 15-20 minutes are only very rarely accepted. We encourage you to limit your piece’s duration to 15 minutes or less.

Artists are responsible for casting, directing, and other aspects of production. We run basic light and sound cues, which we’ll go over at tech rehearsal. Tech rehearsals are scheduled for Wednesday 10/14 and Thursday 10/15.

Proposals are due on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vines Art Festival

web site

Vines Art Festival takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples in Vancouver Canada.

Are you passionate about social justice, environmental justice? Are you interested in creating in the outdoors this summer? Do you want to experience perform or create an installation in nature? With a growing community? If so we want to hear from you! Apply to present or create a work for Vines Art Festival 2019.

Vines is inviting artists of all disciplines interested in creating outdoor site-specific works at Trout Lake and other local parks to apply. Performers and visual artists will be given the opportunity to select a specific “earth-stage”. Collaboration is encouraged; applicants can choose to submit new material, as well as pre-existing works that they wish to present within the framework of Vines. Interactive art that allows audience participation is also recommended to connect the art with the community. We love experimental work and both durational and shorter pieces are accepted. In other words—we are very open! The only stipulation is the theme of work should be connected to the earth, community and/or systemic change. We value the intersectionality of social issues with environmental issues, as humans are a part of, not separate from nature, we invite you to explore what that means to your body.

January 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST


February 28, 2019

Honorarium, project dependent

August 7-18, 2019 (main event on August 17)

Trout Lake Park (South end), Vanier Park, Crab Park, Stanley Park, Kits Beach, Strathcona Park, Pandora Park

Art reveals the emotive tissues connecting science, data and policy to humankind, welcoming people to connect to a story or idea. There are many campaigns and strategies that could use your voice.
The following are local environmental campaigns that we you may consider when creating a new work:

Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Settings project

web site

New Settings supports hybrid performing arts projects rooted in potent dialogue with the visual and/or digital arts. The programme supports productions exploring innovative audience engagement and interaction, at the crossroads of artistic vocabularies and disciplines. Often, the supported projects take a fresh approach to the theatrical environment, developing new ways to make use of the space of the stage, objects, sound and the body.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is committed to the highest artistic standards while remaining sensitive to artists’ needs in a spirit of complete openness to new theatrical forms.

Selected projects will be supported through their production phase, until their presentation on selected dates proposed by the Foundation and its partner cultural institutions in Paris and the broader Paris region, for the autumn 2019 season.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès has formed a partnership with the French Institute / Alliance française (FIAF) to bring selected shows to the annual Crossing the Line Festival in New York, under the New Settings banner.

Your application must fulfil the following criteria:
• The visual arts dimension of the performing arts project must be dominant. To do this, the project can be:
- the result of a creative collaboration between one or several performing artists and one or several visual artists (in the framework of a new collaboration)
- a work by a performing artist or a visual artist, on condition that the author(s) is committed to:
* a piece that mixes performing arts and visual arts,
* a visual arts piece brought to the stage,
* a performing arts piece including a visual arts problematic.

• The author(s) can make use of digital technology.

• The project must propose new ways of working in the process of creating the piece
and/or in its relationship to the public.

• The project must be designed for an audience of at least 100 people.

• The piece must be ready for its premiere between the months of January and December 2019.

• Performance art created for exhibition spaces is not eligible. Your application must include the following information and elements:
• A presentation of the work.
• A presentation of the artistic team.
• The production budget (expenses and revenues).
• Costs for between two and five performances.
• Confirmation letter(s) from confirmed partner(s).
• Tour schedule (confirmed and prospective dates).
• For performing artists, a video of their two most recent productions.
• For visual artists, a file presenting their previous projects.

Conditions for sending your application:

Applications must include each of the elements demanded for application, compiled in the order specified above, in a single PDF document.

Video files will be accepted as separate attachments in the WeTransfer link (but candidates are encouraged to include online video links in their application).

It is recommended to avoid files exceeding 15MB.

The deadline for receiving applications is 12 p.m. on July 1, 2018.

Candidates are advised to take into account the time needed for electronic transmission in order to ensure the arrival of their application before the date and hour limit.

The Foundation cannot be held responsible for the late reception of applications due to technical or computer problems encountered by the candidate.

October 2018: results announced

Autumn 2018 – Autumn 2019: support of project

September – December 2019: performance of the supported projects in Paris or the Paris region.

September – October 2020: performance of a selection of New Settings projects at the Crossing the Line Festival, in a dedicated showcase highlighting the New Settings programme.
 Please upload your completed PDF application file by pasting a single WeTransfer link in the
  “Applications” section of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès website:
   Calendar for the 9th edition (2019)

March 6 to July 1, 2018: submission of applications

Frequently asked questions:

• What address and contact details should I provide on the form?
Please provide contact details for the producers of the production you are submitting for support as part of the New Settings programme. Individual contact names are at the discretion of the artist/author or the project’s main producer. Please ensure you provide complete, current postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

• I’m a young artist and not much of my work has been produced and shown in public. Can I apply?

The New Settings programme accompanies “emerging” artists as well as established ones, in France and internationally. We invite you to visit our website to see which artists have been supported in the past.

• Should I indicate the amount that I wish the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès to contribute in my production budget?

Yes. Your production budget should include all the costs involved in mounting your production (the expenses). Next to this you must list your provisional financing plan (the revenues). The amount that you are requesting from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès should be clearly indicated in the second part.

• Is the Foundation’s support for New Settings projects capped per project?

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès gives made-to-measure support. Each project is thus supported according to its needs and its economic overview, within the resources of the programme. This is why it is important to provide us with a detailed production budget with the amount of support that you are requesting in the “revenues” column.

• My project doesn’t involve Parisian partners. Can I apply?

Yes. If you are selected and you do not have a partner in the Paris region, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès will offer you performance dates in the autumn of 2019 at one of our partner cultural institutions.

• Must I reserve the show’s premiere for New Settings?

No. The premiere of the selected productions can be with another of the project’s partners, in France or abroad.

• If my project is selected for New Settings, will I definitely be putting it on in New York?

Only a few of the New Settings projects are presented each year in New York. The choice of productions presented as part of the Crossing the Line Festival is the fruit of a constant dialogue between the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and the FIAF – French Institute Alliance Française. It may also involve projects supported by previous editions of New Settings.

• Must I send videos of entire productions or are extracts sufficient?

We encourage you to send two versions of each video when this is possible: the recording of the entire show and a trailer. We believe that it is easier to immerse oneself in the work of an artist when it is possible to see their works in their entirety. We recommend that you send these videos in the form of links.

• How can I track the progress of my application?

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès guarantees to contacting all candidates by telephone, or by post. It is essential that you provide your complete, current postal address, telephone number and e-mail. All candidates for the current call for projects will be notified by late October 2018.

• Who to contact if I am having trouble while submitting my application?
Should you require assistance submitting your application, please send all questions to fondation.newsettings@hermes.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note all questions must be submitted prior to July 1, 2018.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Gate Project

web site

Inevitable Theatre Company in St. Louis, MO, seeks constituent writers to participate in a unique collaborative play-building ensemble. The resulting company-curated performance project (tentatively titled GATE) will be fictional, yet inspired by recent and current events in St. Louis and around the country, related to police violence and African-American youth, and filtered through the lens of Brechtian epic theatre and nonlinear, often contradictory theatrical narratives (see Brecht’s poem “On Everyday Theatre”). Exact details of the project’s scope are still in development and will be shared as they become available.

The number and demographic makeup of the ensemble has not been predetermined, but we are projecting the collective will ultimately consist of approximately 20 individuals, including directors, dramaturgs, and project administrators. While we are not employing restrictive criteria regarding artists’ backgrounds for this project, the company desires to include a substantial representation of writers of color, especially those who are St. Louis-based or possess historical/familial connections to the St. Louis community, to participate in this unique artistic endeavor.

We anticipate the final performance script will be about 2 hours in duration, with individual playwrights contributing approximately 10-15 minutes of text each (in addition to collaborating towards the structure, tone, etc., of the piece as a whole).

Inevitable Theatre Company will retain ownership of the final piece, with mandatory billing and a guaranteed royalty percentage for constituent playwrights contracted into all future production licensing and publication negotiations. The company is currently pursuing project funding in order to offer constituent writers an initial commission/stipend for their participation.

The anticipated project timeline is as follows:

  • selection of constituent playwrights in mid-2018 
  • preliminary script development/ensemble building in mid- to late 2018
  • collective writing workshops occurring in late 2018 to mid-2019 
  • a public staged reading in fall 2019
  • a world premiere full production in 2020

The workshop process will consist of both virtual and in-person components, pending funding for artist travel/lodging. The individual time commitment from constituent playwrights, outside of the total scope of the project outlined above, will vary based upon availability, geographic location, etc.

Interested playwrights should email résumé, short writing sample (5-10 pages; 10-minute plays are ideal), and any relevant reviews, to info@inevitabletheatre.org, with “GATE” in the subject line.

Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018. 

Our goal is to select constituent writers by the end of June 2018.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Triskelion Arts' Experimental Works Program

web site

Triskelion Arts is seeking proposals for our new Experimental Works program to take place in the Douglas Elliman Studio Theater at 106 Calyer Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Through this program, Triskelion Arts will co-present works that the proposer views as "experimental" in theater, dance, performance art, or any other medium.


Triskelion's aim in launching this program is to provide a venue and support to works appropriate for an intimate and informal space, and to encourage the creation of new work by removing the ever-present pressure on artists for having significant up-front costs for the rental of space for presentation. Triskelion Arts can provide technical and front-of-house staff for your production (also with no up-front costs) or provide support for professional technical staff of the proposer's choosing.

Triskelion's goal is to provide a straight-forward yet flexible arrangement for works that may not easily fit the guidelines of other programs at Triskelion Arts or other venues, and to welcome new audiences and new ideas to our stages. There is no fee to apply.

More Details & Apply: www.triskelionarts.org/apply-experimental-works

Monday, January 6, 2014

AFO announces reading series for Solo Shows

web site

All For One, the theatrical production company dedicated to empowering solo performers, is excited to expand our new play development program with our Works In Progress series (WIP).

AFO’s Works In Progress series provides an outlet for solo shows in progress to receive outside help in their development. AFO will help connect solo show artists with directors and other collaborators as needed to help develop their work and present a reading in front of an audience, AFO community members, and industry professionals to receive feedback.

4 WIP slots are available over the course of the year. Applications are now open and will continue on a rolling basis. Applicants must provide a current draft of the script, a cover letter detailing what they hope to get out of a staged reading, and their resume.

To learn more and to submit go to: http://www.afofest.org/works-in-progress/

Please send any questions to submissions@afofest.org.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

RARE SPECIES: New Play Development Lab

web site

The critically-acclaimed downtown indie theatre company, Spookfish Theatre Company, is proud to introduce our new work development series.

RARE SPECIES: New Play Development Lab.

In order to broaden the artistic agency of talented entrepreneurial theatre makers, Spookfish Theatre Company is pleased to announce our call for submissions for our upcoming 2013/2014 Theatrical Season.

The RARE SPECIES: New Play Development Lab will be an in-depth workshop aimed at strengthening each writer's creative instinct by workshopping and developing new plays-in-progress, and culminating in a staged reading and/or workshop performance in NYC. The nature of the workshop will be tailored to fit the needs of the writer and the work being created. We are looking for distinct, imaginative voices and a true passion for creating theatre.

5-6 Writer's will be selected. Each selected writer will receive a public reading and/or workshop performance this summer in NYC. Possibility of further productions with Spookfish Theatre Company.

We are looking for 2 different types of projects.
1.) Full-length plays.
2.) Performance art pieces/ Devised project proposals.

-For these projects please submit a one-page description of the piece. A writing sample. In addition to a short statement about your goals for the piece.

Must be 18 years or older.
Must be able to attend weekly/bi-weekly meetings in NYC. 
Must have an earnest passion for theatre, and true desire to better your work.
No musicals.
Adaptations accepted, but all-original work preferred.


For Full-length proposals:
Please send CV/Resume, One Full-Length Play, and a short statement about your goals for the piece to kat@spookfishtheatre.org

For Performance Art/Devised Project proposals:
Please send CV/Resume, a one-page description of the Piece, a writing sample, and a short statement about your goals for the piece to kat@spookfishtheatre.org

For more about our company and our artwork, please visit: www.spookfishtheatre.org

Deadline for Submission: October 31, 2013.

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