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Sunday, November 6, 2022

some scripts in-print anthology "Monologues by LGBTQIA+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQIA+ Actors" Seeking Submissions


Deadline: November 30, 2022

some scripts literary magazine presents a special issue 6: an in-print anthology titled "Monologues by LGBTQIA+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQIA+ Actors"! 

Submissions opened on November 1st and will close on November 30th. Submissions are welcome from playwrights worldwide. Submissions are only allowed by LGBTQIA+ scriptwriters for this upcoming issue. some scripts does not require you to self-ID, however.

While we welcome monologues from all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we are especially interested in featuring monologues by BIPOC scriptwriters; disabled scriptwriters; and scriptwriters who are trans, nonbinary, intersex, ace/aro; as well as anyone else not mentioned who have otherwise intersecting identities.

Monologues can be excerpts from stage plays, screenplays, radio plays/audio dramas, or Zoom plays. Monologues can also be stand-alone works.

As long as it’s a monologue of some varying length that an LGBTQIA+ actor could foreseeably use for an audition, classwork, or showcase (or gets people to want to read your longer work where it originates from), we’d love to read it!

Please only submit 1-2 monologues for consideration. This is to ensure that we are able to read from as many scriptwriters as possible. There is a small group of invited contributors who were brought on prior to the open submission period.

This will be some scripts’ first in-print anthology. All scriptwriters chosen for the anthology will be compensated with a $10 token payment and a free printed copy of the anthology.

To submit to some scripts' anthology "Monologues by LGBTQIA+ Scriptwriters for LGBTQIA+ Actors": Include a title page in a separate PDF or Word document from the script, detailing your preferred name to be published, email address, a short bio, pronouns if you want, the title of the piece, and any socials.

Then include your piece as a separate document (PDF or Word) with no personal information attached to it. Please include a short synopsis detailing the given circumstances for the monologue, any required identification for the character, and other important details. PDF and Word document submissions are okay. Please include necessary trigger warnings for the safety of our reading team members. (For example, "TW: mention of sexual assault, body horror, homophobic slur") 

Compile the title page PDF and blinded copy into an email addressed to somescriptslitmag@gmail.com
Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself in a cover letter in the body of the email if you wish! We love getting to know the larger scriptwriting community more and are so happy that some scripts continues to reach more people.

Please find a sample copy of the contract coming soon on our website!

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