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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dream Realm Enterprises seeks audio plays

web site

Deadline: January 21, 2021

Facebook page

Submissions to be sent to strangeparadise1980@gmail.com in a pdf format.

The winner will have their audio play. produced and distributed to 2 different sites (that have a very strong audience: mutualaudionetwork.com and moonlightaudiotheatre.ca)

Everyone is eligible to enter and may enter more than one audio play for consideration.

Please submit only unproduced scripts.

Tone: A Twilight Zone/Alfred Hitchcock kind of vibe


1. Original. This means make sure it’s your own story. (ie nothing based in another author’s world or using characters from another story)

2. An audio play. This means free of visual cues.

3. Horror Genre. Think the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents (the original series, not the new one)

4. Family-Friendly (ie. No profanity of any kind, keep violence to a minimum, etc)

5. 1950s or prior. (My award-winning audio play, “A Tale of Tierney” is set in the 1950s and this anthology is a spin-off within that same world).

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