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Saturday, December 7, 2019

SITTING SHOTGUN Casual Vacancy Residency

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Project Name:

Lead Artist/Ensemble:

Proposal Abstract

Place an abstract of your proposal here. What should we know at a glance?

I. Project Proposal
II. Statement of Purpose
III. Work Samples
IV. Resume/CV

I. Project Proposal
❖ Project Description
Tell us about your project. Include any inspiration materials here. (Mood boards, source
material, playlists, etc.)
❖ Project Details
This is where you should include things like stages of development, prior workshops/performances, and anything else we might need to know. Please include your ideal length of time in the space with as much detail as possible (without including specific dates), and what you intend to use the space for at these times. (ex. We would like to use the space once a week for a month to train in Suzuki; we would like two consecutive weeks in the space with working hours of 12-5pm to rehearse and host an invited presentation, etc.)
❖ Collaborators
Who are you working with? Please include any links to professional media available for
each collaborator/collaborative group.
❖ Demographics
Who is your target audience? Why is it important to do this project here and now?
❖ Tech/Design Needs
What tech and design needs do you anticipate? Please include ideas about use of space, lighting, set, costume, props, sound, music, special effects with detail. What things do you need to make this happen? Keep in mind that this is not a stipended residency. Casual Vacancy artists will have access to Sitting Shotgun’s in-house resources but will not be allotted a budget/fundraising for this project.

II. Statement of Purpose
Please tell us about the purpose of this residency, any goals to be achieved, and any practice as research/academic intentions. Why do you need to do this work and why is it important to do it in collaboration with Sitting Shotgun? What aspects of our mission statement does your work appeal to?

III. Work Samples
Please provide up to three samples of past work. These can be photos, film, articles/reviews, or any other documentation. If this is the second iteration of a project, please provide any documentation available from the first including scripts and scores.

IV. Resume/CV
Please copy and paste the resume/CV of the lead artist submitting the proposal here or attach as a separate PDF document to the submission email. sittingshotgunco@gmail.com

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