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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Seeking playwright to respond to OLEANNA

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Motivate Impact, a new theater company seeking to promote social change by analyzing complex issues and real world statistics, is seeking a playwright to write a short play (20-30 minute) response to David Mamet’s 1992 play Oleanna. The format will be the same, a two character play where one is in a position of power over the other, however we are looking to explore how this play would have to evolve to be an accurate reflection of today’s post-#MeToo society. We want something that will inherently have ambiguities in the language of these two people and how potentially sexual situations can turn malicious, benign, romantic, platonic, or any combination of the above.

Our ideal playwright will be someone with a unique perspective who is able to marry the complexity of interpersonal relationships with the excitement of a boxing match in an intellectual conversation.

If you are interested in submitting, please send a relevant writing sample of your work (either the above prompt or something you’ve already finished) and a brief statement of why you are interested and/or connected to this topic. If your writing sample is of another piece, please also include a brief synopsis of your updated Oleanna, including what you would explore, how you would do it, and what makes your piece modern, relevant, and forward-thinking for the conversation around #MeToo politics in corporate environments.

All materials can be sent to TenTen@motivatedesign.com

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