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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Over at BYLINES.org

If you are also a poet, essayist, short story writer or novelist you might want to check out BYLINES.org for no-fee opportunities. For example, today at BYLINES:

Utopia seeks science fiction
We accept any short story science fiction piece set in a future that might inspire us. Things don't need to be perfect! We still like drama, but optimism in at least some regard is necessary. We're not too picky, what we really want is to be surprised. So send in your best piece and we'll consider it. Wow us with your characters, your settings, your story. Hard science fiction is always a bonus. We welcome solicited and unsolicited submissions. We will pay $2 for each accepted short poem or $10 for each accepted long poem upon publicationWe will pay $15 for a non-fiction piece upon publication. Please keep non-fiction articles under 5,000 words.

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