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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Seeking submissions for "Scenes from the Staten Island Ferry 2019"

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Deadline December 31, 2018

This year's theme: 2 OPPOSITE ENDINGS

This is Sundog Theatre's 17th annual presentation of new and original, one-act plays about our favorite boats, the Staten Island Ferries.

--Original plays not previously produced/published, with a signed note affirming that.

--10-30 minutes in length and set on the Staten Island Ferry.

--Contemporary, involving 2-3 characters and requiring no special set pieces other than benches or railings found on the Ferry, limited and easily accessible props, and no special sound or lighting.

--No overt and unnecessary sexual/violence situations and language since we cater to a broad audience.

--No musicals, long monologues, poetry, rants, or verse.

--As in life, a little humor is good.


Plays should be written with 2 brief endings. The endings should be 1-2 pages each
and have an opposite story line.  One character will break the 4th wall-in character-
explain briefly the two ending choices, and ask the audience to vote on which one they wish to see.

Remuneration:Six authors will receive $100 each and be produced in our series of five February/March 2019 performances in Staten Island.

--Please send two copies, bound or stapled, blind submission (removable cover page with title, author and contacts) to: Sundog Theatre, "Scenes 2019", PO Box 183, Staten Island, NY 10301
--Include the title of the play on each page.
--Submissions should include brief synopsis, play history, a 70-word bio and also full resume of the author.
--Should be postmarked from now until no later than December 31, 2018.
--Do not submit plays electronically.
--Questions: ferry@sundogtheatre.org.  Susan Fenley, Producer

Playwrights of selected plays will be contacted directly and their names listed on Sundog's website early in 2019.

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