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Monday, April 2, 2018

Seeking short astrology-themed pieces for publication

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Retrograde is an anthology of short astrology themed pieces and visual art. Those who are interested are invited to submit a short play no longer than 12 pgs, or visual art piece, or play with visual elements, that is inspired by the sign in which you were born under. If a playwright and visual artist want to collaborate, then only one of you has to be born under that sign. "Inspired by your sign" is open to your interpretation and can be as literal or loose as you desire.

Deadline to submit is May 31st by 11:59 pm

Please submit your pieces in PDF format, along with a short bio and what sign you are to retrogradeastrologyproject@gmail.com

If you have questions, you can email the same address.

The final product will be the published anthology. You will hear back sometime over the summer about your submission

Thanks for your consideration!


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