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Monday, January 29, 2018

The University of Arizona’s MFA Generative Dramaturgy seeks proposals

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Is erasure “to scrape or rub out; to expunge, efface, obliterate?” What does erasure encompass?
The University of Arizona’s MFA Generative Dramaturgy inaugural cohort invites playwrights to submit proposals for 10-minute play projects responding to the concept, process, or effects of erasure.

Proposals may be a description of a concept, a short summary, or an explanation of your ideas and/or responses to the idea of erasure. We leave the interpretation up to you, but we’ve listed potential topics and material for inspiration.

Selected playwrights will work with graduate dramaturgs over the coming weeks to develop their plays from inceptive idea to complete script.

Proposal Submission Form: https://goo.gl/forms/d1qZfzR9U7yUvHTj2
Proposal Length: 250 words MAX
Deadline: Sunday, February 11, 2018 11:59PM (PST)
Proposals may touch on, but are NOT limited to these topics:

  • - Racial/Ethnic Erasure
  • - Heritage Erasure
  • - Erasure of Civilizations
  • - Erasure of Tradition
  • - Erasure of Indigenous Peoples
  • - Gender Erasure
  • - Sexual Erasure
  • - Political Erasure
  • - Religious Erasure
  • - Physical Erasure
  • - Literary Erasure
  • - Scientific Erasure
  • - The Right to Erasure
  • - Self-erasure
  • - Aesthetic Erasure
  • - Familial Erasure
  • - Generational Erasure
  • - Environmental Erasure
  • - AND MORE (whatever kind of ‘erasure’ interests you)

For questions regarding this proposal, email the MFA Cohort at uaimaginarytheatre@gmail.com

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