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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Lotus Lee Foundation New Work Initiative

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New Deadline: February 18th, 2018
Welcome to the 1st year of our New Work Initiative Playwright Award! And this submission program will be an annual event. Our primary goal is to bring the best theatre from the United States to China and vice versa. And to foster and encourage new voices and share your stories. This is why we’re interested in new works from artists like you.

We have an open submission where you can submit your new work at no cost to you. This open submission will remain open until January 2018 when our panel of esteemed judges will choose 5 works. We'll produce the best one in 2019 with a significant budget for a year-long tour in China with a potential remount in the States. We look forward to reading your work! Thank you!

1st Place Winner:

Lotus Lee Foundation Contract: Fully Produced Tour in China
1st Place Certificate

2nd Place Winner:

Cash Price: $500
Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges
2nd Place Certificate

3rd Place Winner:

Cash Price: $300
Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges
3rd Place Certificate

2 Honorable Mentions: 

Honorable Mention Certificate
Professional Advice on your Play from our Judges
Fully Produced Tour in China (2019):

We will produce the full production in China
Casting help and hiring of creative team as needed
Housing/Transportation for team
VISA/passort help
Paid round-trip for creative team and cast
Paid transport of production elements

  • Must be an original work. 
  • No previous production and publication all around the world. 
  • Has never granted and will not grant other individuals or entities to use the script in anyway before the the choosing outcome is issued. 
  • Play must be a full-length piece. At least an hour long. 
  • Can be a play, performance art, movement piece, physical theatre, dance, musical, etc. 
  • No restriction on plot, content, or themes. Children’s plays accepted. 
  • Submissions will only be accepted in English. The show that is chosen will be translated to mandarin for the Chinese Tour in 2019. 
  • Open to making use of new technology 
  • Projections, holograms, media technology, virtual reality, etc. 

Lotus Lee Foundation reserves the first right negotiation and agrees to produce the first place winner in this yearly competition. First place winners are required to sign a production contract.

1. Full script in PDF format

Please do not include your name on the script

2. A Separate PDF with following information:
Playwright’s bio
Summary of the play
Character breakdown
Production history, if applicable
Creative team and cast breakdown, if applicable

3. A short explanation, in PDF, of why you think your piece is a good fit for Lotus Lee Foundation

4. Other info: professional website link, production photos or videos, inspirations, etc.

Submit via web site

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