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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 2017/18 CartHorse Fellowship Application

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In 2017, Buran Theatre will celebrate ten years. As we approach this milestone, we are proud to unveil the core program for our second decade.

After ten years of producing work generated by the artistic director, Buran Theatre will transition in our second decade to support and produce theatre/performance-based artists through transformative 2-year process-based fellowships. Utilizing the Buran process developed over the past decade by the artistic director and associate artists, CartHorse Fellows will build, produce and present a new theatre work over two rigorous years of development with the support of the company’s resources and talent.

The fellowship will be an immersive experience for artists who are eager to develop their own process; delve deep into a completely new project; gain/build skills in self-production, marketing, development and administration; build a company/family of collaborators under the auspices of Buran Theatre’s creative and organizational capacity; and a means to expand Buran's mission and ethos to pioneering and under-represented artists.


Working closely with the artistic director and associate artists, the CartHorse Fellow will:
-take on artistic role in producing Buran Theatre’s 2017 10th anniversary production;
-partake in administrative, creative, developmental and production meetings and decisions for the 2017 season;
-have access to Buran company resources (space, talent, funding, etc.);
-receive commissioning fee for new work (at least $250 , but could be larger dependent on funding);
-develop a new work throughout 2017/18;
-receive two-week run of production in 2018 in NYC;
-and potentially to tour to Buran satellite system (Albuquerque/Los Angeles/Kansas City/Minneapolis).

We are looking for:
-playwrights/directors/theatre-makers/choreographers/designers/visual artists/composers who have been told their theatrical vision is too wild, wooly, impossible, colorful, and/or unwieldy to produce;
-artists eager for full immersion in Buran Theatre’s process and resources;
-artists prepared to harness administrative and organizational tools to bolster their creative vision;
-artists who want to create work in an environment ripe with Generosity of Spirit;
-artists who are looking for a life in theatre not particularly a career (although the two are not mutually exclusive, ethos is important here);
-ecstatic truths that eschew dramaturgy;
-stories that need new narrative structures to be told;
-and an inclusive stage that challenges, delights, and represents the incredibly deep cultural, racial, generational and gender diversity of the world we live in.

-All submissions will be anonymous. Please do not reference your name or any affiliations, if you do the application will be deemed ineligible.
-Must be in NYC from January 2017 to December 2018***.
-Must be 23 years or older.
-Must not be in school during the 2-year period.
-Knowledge of Buran Theatre’s work and past productions will be helpful in deciding whether this opportunity is right for you. Check out our websites (http://www.burantheatre.com // http://www.adamrburnett.com) and videos (http://www.vimeo.com/burantheatre).

***Artists based in any of our satellites (Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Kansas City, Minneapolis) are encouraged to apply, even if a move to NYC is out of the possibility. As we are building this program, we are eager to explore various options.

Deadline: May 1, 2016
Semi-finalists announced: August 1, 2016
Semi-finalist project description deadline: September 1, 2016
Finalist interviews in NYC/Public project vote: October 2016
Fellowship awarded: November 2016
Fellowship term: January 1, 2017-December 31, 2018

-Initial applications will be adjudicated by a panel of Buran Theatre associate artists (Lara Thomas Ducey, Los Angeles; Adam R. Burnett, NYC; Erin Phillips, Albuquerque; & Val Smith, Kansas City).
-Semi-finalists will be adjudicated by Buran associate artists and other professional artists from a variety of disciplines.
-Finalists will be adjudicated based on their project proposal by Buran associates, other professional artists, and a democratic vote open to the public via our mailing list and social media.

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