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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cecile’s Writers’ Magazine is Open for Submissions

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Our aim is to create a free digital magazine where intercultural authors can publish their work. Submissions may be sent to us at any time. We accept submissions from intercultural authors:
  • Authors for whom English is their native language but currently reside in a non-English speaking country (or have resided in a non-English speaking country for at least 3 years).
  • Authors whose parents have different cultural backgrounds (either by ethnicity or by nationality)
  • Authors for whom English is not their native language but choose to write in English.
  • Authors who do not fit any of the above categories but still feel they have an intercultural voice are also welcome to submit their story. When submitting please do briefly explain why.
The concept is about the authors and not the subject matter. The stories themselves do not necessarily need to highlight intercultural subject matters.


All genres of fiction are welcome. We prefer character driven stories as opposed to plot driven stories.

In non-fiction, we accept short memoirs, personal essays and literary essays.

The maximum word counts are as follows:
  • Flash Fiction: 1,000 words
  • Short Stories: 7,500 words
  • Novelettes: 21,000 words
  • Novel Excerpts: 6,000 words
  • Plays: 9,000 words
  • Personal Essays / Memoirs: 6,000 words
  • Literary Essays: 6,000 words
  • Poetry: For Limited time only – 1 Jan to 31 March, 2016
  • (see separate submission guidelines for poetryfor more details)

Author’s Rights

Cecile’s Writers retains the exclusive first rights of publication for a period of 6 months after it has been published on the website. The author retains full copyright of any work published.

We do not accept work that has been previously published elsewhere (or is expected to be published elsewhere), this also includes work published on blogs.

Author’s Information

The author’s name and email address should be typed at the top of the first page with the word count of the story. We also ask the author to include a brief biographical note with their submission (max. 200 words) as a separate attachment, mentioning what it is that makes you an intercultural writer.

Response Time

We will do our best to respond to your submission within six weeks. In busy periods (July/August and December) this could take up to 12 weeks.

Simultaneous Submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions since we want an author to have every opportunity to be published. We do ask that an author inform us immediately when his/her work has been accepted elsewhere.


We only accept electronic submissions in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .txt
Manuscripts should be in 12-point type in one of these fonts: Arial, Cambria, Helvetica or Times New Roman
Manuscripts should be double-spaced with 2.5 cm margins
Manuscript pages should be numbered at the bottom of the page
The title of the story and the author’s name should be visible as a header on all pages

Technical Difficulties

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact us at: editors@cecileswriters.com
Ready to submit? Please fill in the submission form.
We look forward to reading your work.

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