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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Insomnium seeks plays & playwrights

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We are currently seeking a playwright to participate in devising our new show. This will be a collaboration between playwright, directors, sound designer, and actors to create a horror adaptation of a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. We are seeking a playwright that is interested in creating in the rehearsal room.

To submit, please email us at insomniumtheatrecompany@gmail.com with a brief bio and/or resume, as well as a one-page horror adaptation of any Grimms' fairytale that interests you. You can write in any form that feels fun to you; a scene of dialogue, a one-page synopsis, or anything in-between.

Playwrights - Submissions!

Have a creepy, dark, mystical, and/or horrific play? Insomnium Theatre Company is now accepting play submissions for future projects. Please email insomniumtheatrecompany@gmail.com with your play and the following information:
  • Subject Heading: JACK TORRANCE
  • Brief play synopsis 
  • Character breakdown

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