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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Articulate Theatre Company seeks 10-minute plays

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Call for Plays
Articulating the Arts: Folk Music of the 60s & 70s
“Voices Of and For the People”
***** Only the first 50 submissions will be accepted. *****

Articulate Theatre Company is, for the first time, inviting submissions for our signature series, Articulating the Arts. The foundation of Articulating the Arts is deriving inspiration for plays from works of arts from other disciplines. Our Company members and guest artists review unique works of art to use as a springboard and source of inspiration for new theatrical works. The source this season is folk music of the 60s and 70s, specifically the songs listed below. You can read about our past AtAs, and see pictures, by following the links at this web page.

Articulating the Arts: Voice Of and For the People will be performed under a Theatre Authority contract for two performances - February 26th and 27th, 2016. No one in the production will receive any stipend or monetary compensation.
Who: Articulate Theatre Company
When: Deadline for Submissions is November 13th, 2015 - midnight

Performance: February 26th and 27th, 2015
Timing: Plays cannot be longer than 10 minutes PRODUCED.

It is suggested that you aim for an 8-minute script in order to leave time for actors and directors to work.
Limit: Only the first 50 submissions will be accepted. Double check the website to see if that limit has been reached before submitting.
Send entries to: ArticulatePlays@gmail.com (see below for submission parameters)

Theme and Submission Guidelines
This season’s plays for Articulating the Arts will be inspired by the folk songs of the sixties and seventies. Playwrights are encouraged to compose plays in reaction to the specific folk songs selected and shown on our webpage. Plays can be comedic, dramatic, surreal, historic, political, farce, etc. They can be pro-folk music, or against it, or both. A storyline based on the song’s artist is also welcome (some of these folk singers have incredible life stories!) Plays do not have to exactly represent the song, but there should be creative connective tissue between the song and the play. (e.g., just because there’s a tree in the lyrics doesn’t mean there has to be a tree in the play; but if the song is about a person’s love of pop-rocks, a play about the angst of filling pot holes for a living would be a stretch.)

  • New works based on the songs listed below, on this page. To see information about the songs and artists, visit this page. No pre-written plays, please.
  • Written with the Articulate acting ensemble in mind. The goal is to only cast from our membership, with few, if any, exceptions. This is a guideline, not a hard rule. You can view headshots and bios of the acting company on this page.
  • Play must be no more than 8 minutes long.
  • Ideally, plays will have between 2-4 characters, but this is a guideline not a restriction.
  • Plays should be in English, though submissions from playwrights outside of the U.S., and stories set in other lands are welcome
  • Sets and costumes should be minimal. These are the basic pieces of furniture we will use: bar, barstools, tables, chairs, bench. Plays with other furniture needs will be considered, but simple is best for all involved.
  • Musical scenes are welcome, but note that resources are slim for rehearsal and accompaniment.
  • Plays with extreme violence and/or nudity will not be considered.
  • Limited to one submission per playwright. Send entries to: ArticulatePlays@gmail.com with the subject "AtA Folk” in the subject line.
  • Submissions must be sent as an attachment in PDF format only; no hard copy submissions will be accepted. Submissions must be formatted as follows: 
  • Email must contain the play's title, author's name, phone number, and email address. 
  • These are blind submissions: the playwright’s name cannot appear anywhere on the attached script, including the title page, header/footer areas, or within the text. 
  • The first page of the script must contain the title, list of characters, and basic setting information. 
  • The second page will be considered the first page of the script. The other pages of the play follow. 
  • Include the title and page numbers in the header of each page of the submission. - All submissions must be in a standard professional play format.
The Legal Stuff
By submitting an entry, you are affirming you are the sole creator of the play and entitled to confer performance rights. You further affirm that, if your play is chosen, you will grant performance rights, royalty-free, to Articulate Theatre Company for two performances on February 26th and 27th, 2015. The play remains the sole property of the playwright. Any future productions will be negotiated separately.

Submission Procedure
Playwrights should submit their script electronically to ArticulatePlays@gmail.com no later than midnight of November 13, 2015. A committee of readers will evaluate the scripts and finalists will be notified by November 27th. We will not offer commentary and feedback on the scripts. There is no fee for submission.

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