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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Torrent Theatre is seeking 10-20 minute plays

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Torrent Theatre is seeking 10-20 minute plays for its 2015-2016 Season. All selected plays will be fully produced as part of Torrent's short play festival.

Torrent Theatre, a collaborative of young artists, strives to push social boundaries and spark a discussion amongst their audience, examining our every-day decisions and challenging the status-quo. What has come to be expected of us? Have we fallen into a trap - a vicious cycle of repetitive motions? Do we embrace the status quo and cling to tradition, or do we choose to resist that cycle and make waves in order to strive for something better?

The collaborative was founded by Albright College alumni Sheldon Carpenter and Ilyssa DePonte in January of 2015 and made their sold-out NYC debut with Neil LaBute's Reasons To Be Pretty in September.

Application Instructions

Please send submissions in PDF format as well as a 50-150 word summary of your play to TorrentSubmissions@gmail.com

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