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Saturday, April 11, 2015

RADD Theatre Co is looking for playwrights

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RADD Theatre Co is launching a series of workshops in the coming year, and is looking for playwrights to participate. The readings will be based out of the PS Bookstore in Dumbo.

The goal is to bring together artists once a month to watch and respond to new work. RADD will coordinate space, cast, and audience - all the writer has to do is show up. Depending on length, two or three playwrights will work a month.

The playwright working will also have a short meeting with RADD before the workshop to suss out how they like their feedback. We’ve learned that some people like to know everything everyone thinks, while other people might want to just hear their words aloud and then go back to writing. Whatever is your preference, we will make it happen.

Depending on what you want, we can also schedule a rehearsal before the reading, where you can talk with the actors about the piece. Again, the goal is to provide a space where you feel you can actually work, whatever that looks like to you.

To apply, please send in a pdf of the script you would like to be workshopped. If it is still in development, a 5-10 page sample will work great. 

Submissions due April 22nd. The first reading will be May 3rd.

No application fee.

To learn more about RADD check out our website:


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