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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nick Darke Award

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The deadline for submissions is Monday 14 April 2014
Following Nick Darke’s death the Nick Darke Award was conceived by his wife, the artist and film maker Jane Darke, with the support of his family.

Writers are asked to submit work on an environmental theme in recognition of Nick’s lifelong commitment to this issue. The word environmental may however be broadly interpreted (see www.falmouth.ac.uk/nickdarkeaward for previous winners’ work).

The award is presented each year to a writer for work that pursues an environmental theme within one of the following three disciplines: — Stage play — Screenplay (feature film or short film) — Radio play 

Nick Darke wrote in many forms but earned his living in the world of theatre, screen and radio. As this award is intended to contribute financially to the life of a writer, the award is in one of these disciplines. With the opportunity to win £6,000 and open to all writers, this competition provides the time to write that financial support facilitates.

In the first instance applicants should outline the form of their idea (theatre, radio play, feature film, short film), pitch it in 25 words or less and then outline the story idea in 750 words, suggesting character, plot and structure.

They should also submit 20 pages which are representative of their work; this can be from an existing or new piece of work.

The submissions will be read by a group of readers who will produce a long list for the Longlist Committee. The Longlist Committee will reduce the submissions to a final shortlist of eight for the judges. The winner is announced in October.

The awarded is solely funded by Falmouth University through the Falmouth Graduate School, which offers postgraduate courses (MA and MFA) and research degrees (MPhil and PhD) and supports the wider environment for research and advanced scholarship at the University. www.falmouth.ac.uk/graduate-school

Submission form in PDF format.

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