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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vignettes for the Apocalypse

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Award-winning company, EndTimes Productions, is now accepting submissions for its 7th Edition of Vignettes for the Apocalypse, New York’s oldest and largest Sci-fi/Horror themed theater festival. 

This year’s program will consist of two full-length plays, and three short play collections, to be presented at The Times Square Arts Center, Stage 2, 6/8-6/21, 2015. 

All submissions should fall within the horror, suspense, or sci-fi genre. 

The festival awards “The Serlings”, are determined by popular vote, with the author of the winning short play receiving $200. 

The author of each full-length will receive a $100 honorarium. 

Because we generally choose one comedy and one drama from amongst the full-lengths, awards are not given in the full-length category. 

We are also accepting radio plays for the launch of a horror/sci-fi themed podcast, to coincide with the festival. 

If you are submitting a radio play, please include, “Radio Play” in the e-mail subject line. 

Multiple submissions from the same author will be accepted, but please send each submission in a separate e-mail. Deadline for submissions is 3/21/15

Please send submissions to: submissions@endtimesproductions.com

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