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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Discount tickets for NYCPlaywrights: Fountain of Youth and Cowl Girl

The Dramatic Question offers $5 tickets for NYCPlaywrights  (original ticket price is $18) using the discount ticket code  DQT2BILL5 - at Brown Paper Tickets 

DQT founding member Noemi de la Puente presents her one-woman show,
"FOUNTAIN of YOUTH" a show about second chances and avoiding aging at all costs.

What if Ponce de Leon, the famous Spanish Conquistador really did discover the fountain of youth, and what if it came with a curse? Assistant Coroner Alexa Ruiz examines the bodies of an elderly couple. As part of the investigation, her strange travels take her to Buckingham Palace and to the real fountain of youth hidden in the swamps of Eastern Florida.  Knowing the power of the curse, will Alexa take the one drink from the fountain that will give her eternal youth?  The characters Alexa encounters range from a mysterious old woman and a crusty Spanish sailor to a former super model, and everything in between.  The performance combines storytelling narrative with rapid-fire dialogue as Ms. de la Puente moves quickly from one character to the next.

Written and Performed by
 Noemi de la Puente*
Directed by Andreas Robertz
Stage Manager: Karen Eilbacher

Performance is at 7:00 PM

then...stay for the second part of the night for....

COWL GIRL  is a shut-in living with her cat.
Her life consists of Pee-wee Herman, the music of  Prince, and 80s cartoons. Her only friend is the    doorman in her building. Oh, and she wears a Batman cowl, all day, everyday. Will a new man  in her life "unmask" the Cowl Girl and show her
what the outside world has to offer? Cowl Girl is a new romantic-comedy for the Cosplay and Geek crowd!

COWL GIRL, by Anna Capunay
Directed by Ana Maria Jomolca
Featuring the talents of:
 Natalie Buchinsky, Omar Perez, and Daniel O'Shea
Stage Manager: Antonio Devers

Performance is 8:30PM
Monday-Thursday, April 22-25
Theater 3
311 West 43rd St, Third Floor
New York, NY 10036

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