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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Turner Cassity Literary Festival takes the no-fee path

NYCPlaywrights received this lovely email today about our no-fee policy from a planning committee member of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglas County/Douglasville's Turner Cassity Literary Festival.
I took your policy to our committee and all agreed that it would be best to eliminate the fee in order to preserve the good quality of submissions that we have gotten in the past and to foster high-quality writing without undue burdens on playwrights...
As a playwright myself I am most happy that you maintain this policy.
Thank you,
Alice Shapiro
(Alice's web site is  www.upstairsamusical.org )
NYCPlaywrights salutes the Turner Cassity Literary Festival committee for their decision. And thanks to Alice Shapiro for sharing her perspective as a playwright. We love to hear from playwrights if we've done something that's been helpful to them. 

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