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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Third Annual Ohio State University at Newark New Play Contest

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Rules and Information:

1) The contest is open to anyone, anywhere; plays, however, must be written in English.

2) Plays must be completely unproduced and unpublished, up to and including the date of the contest deadline.

3) Please use the standard playwriting format for manuscripts.

4) Judging will be blind, so it is important for contestants to follow these directions EXACTLY.

  • First, please ensure that your name does not appear on ANY page of the actual script.
  • Second, please type your contact information on a sheet of paper, seal it in an envelope, and staple it to the last page or inside cover of your script.
  • Electronic submissions are not allowed.

5) Plays are to be full-length works; a collection of short plays is not an acceptable substitute.

6) There are no restrictions on cast size or subject matter.  However, please keep in mind that the winner will be produced by a one-man theater department.  In general, plays with small casts, unit sets, and younger characters stand a better chance of winning.

7) The official opening date for the contest is November 1, 2012. The absolute deadline for submissions TO BE RECEIVED is March 30, 2013; entries received after that date will be returned unread to entrants. Winners will be announced on or before September 1, 2013.

8) The first prize-winner will receive $500, and the first-prize play will be given a full production at the end of the spring semester in 2014. The playwright is encouraged and welcome to attend; regrettably, Ohio State Newark cannot defray expenses. The second prize-winner will receive $300, and the third prize-winner will receive $100.

9) In addition to the prize-winners, there will be an indeterminate number of honorable mentions, designated by a certificate (suitable for framing).

10) Winners will be notified by individual emails; unsuccessful candidates will receive a mass email.

11) All entries become the property of Ohio State Newark upon receipt, and all but the first-prize winner will be shredded.  However, if you would like your script to be passed on to the local community theater’s playreading committee for review, please so indicate on your contact sheet.

12) Please send all manuscripts to:

Dave Williams, Associate Professor
Ohio State Newark New Play Contest
192 LeFevre Hall
The Ohio State University at Newark
Newark, OH 43055

13) If you have questions, please contact me at williams.1343@osu.edu.

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