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Monday, January 21, 2013

Call for entries: WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS

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On Saturday, March 30, 2013, the east side’s Ensemble Theatre and the west side’s Convergence Continuum will host Northeast Ohio’s contribution to the sixth annual SWAN Day, an international celebration of women in the arts.  Here in the 4th-largest theater-producing area in the USA, SWAN Day CLE – 2013 will be staging readings of short plays to raise awareness and to celebrate women playwrights, directors, and actors.
If you’re interested in participating, meet ALL of these criteria:
1.You’re a woman
2.You’ve written a 6-10 page play* that speaks to women’s experience or history or both
3.Your play calls for 2-5 actors (double-casting for more roles is fine)
4.Your play calls for more than 50% female actors (2:1 or 3:2 women:men, or all female)
5.Your play is new or slightly used – no more than one previous public reading or workshop or production
6.You save your play in standard format* as a PDF file that includes numbered pages; a separate page with character list, settings, time period, production notes; a separate title page; 12-pt type; at-least-1-inch margins
7.You put your PDF standard-formatted play*, contact info, and a
100-word bio into an email
8.The subject line of your email is Your Name - Title of Your Play - Your City, State
9.You send that email to SWAN Day CLE – 2013 BY January 30, 2013

NOTE: You don’t have to be from the Cleveland, Ohio area to submit, but Cleveland-area playwrights will be given greater consideration than those from outside the area.  Submissions will be capped at 100 Cleveland-based entries, or Cleveland-based entries plus however many non-local entries total 100, as of midnight EST 1/30/13.  The number of plays chosen depends on their relative lengths and how they fit into a 90-minute staged reading.  Submitting does NOT guarantee that your play will be chosen.

There is NO FEE to submit.

All participating artists will receive a $50-minimum stipend, because we believe in supporting women artists now.

*standard play format 12-pt type, at least 1" margins, page numbers: examples
Dramatists Guild OR Indiana State University

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