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Thursday, January 17, 2013

NYCPlaywrights Play of the Month - February 2013

Submissions are now being accepted for the NYCPlaywrights February 2013 Play of the Month.

The theme is "Two Hander in Love." It can be a comedy or a drama, but should not have a bitter, cynical, take-my-wife-please approach. This is about sincere romantic love. The romantic love can be hetero-normative or LGBT, but the script should call for no more than two characters on stage - it should be a two-hander.

The deadline is Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM EDT.
  1. Send only one ten-minute play per author to info@nycplaywrights.org
  2. The script submission should be sent by email, with the play itself as a file attached to the email. File format should be in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or pdf. Most preferable is .pdf (Portable Document Format) because it will retain your original script formatting.
  3. The script can be no longer than 10 pages (not including title page, setting info page, etc. - pages will be counted only from where the actual stage directions and dialog begin.)
  4. The script should be in standard playscript format. If you are not sure what that is, see this page on the NYCPlaywrights web site: http://nycp.blogspot.com/p/playscript-formatting-template.html
    Plays that are not in standard format, or that have more than 10 pages (not counting title page, etc.) will be rejected immediately.
  5. Make sure you have your name and your email address on the title page of the script.
  6. Plays can be from anybody, anywhere in the world, but must be primarily in English (a few non-English phrases are acceptable, but the phrases must include English translations in production notes or stage directions.)
  7. There is no fee for submission.
  8. The writer of the selected play will be awarded $10.
  9. The NYCPlaywrights selection decision is final and NYCPlaywrights reserves the right to select no plays from those submitted.
  10. The play must have been written by the person making the submission.
  11. A play that has had a production is acceptable.
  12. A play that has been published is not acceptable.
  13. All rights will remain with the playwright.
  14. The selected play will be video-recorded and posted during the month of February 2013.
  15. The video recording of the play will be posted to the NYCPlaywrights YouTube account and from there embedded into the NYCPlaywrights blog. The playwright will be asked to review the video recording and approve it before it is made public.
  16. The play must reflect the month's theme in some meaningful way.
  17. The play should be a complete 10-minute play, not an excerpt from a longer work.
  18. Save yourself some time and trouble - don't send your bio, resume and list of theater accomplishments along with your submission. We only care about the script. If your play is selected, you will then be asked for your theater bio.
NOTE: The play recording may be anything from a script-in-hand reading to a movie-like production. To get an idea of the possibilities for the video recordings of the selected scripts see the page on the NYCPlaywrights web site with samples of past readings of Plays of the Month: http://nycp.blogspot.com/p/play-of-month.html

Any questions email info@nycplaywrights.org

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