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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10-minute play wanted for the Abingdon Theatre Company’s THE COLD CASE CRISIS PLAYS Benefit Challenge Series

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Dear Playwright,

You are invited to submit an original 10-minute play to Abingdon Theatre Company’s THE COLD CASE CRISIS PLAYS Benefit Challenge Series. This effort engages artists who support a theatre dedicated to new plays.

Our Cold Case Crisis Benefit Challenge Series asks you to unleash your creativity by writing a short play where a character deals with or is confronted by a person, item, or unresolved issue that has been long gone, dormant or missing but has been suddenly reactivated.  It can be an internal revelation or an external force where the character is driven to seek resolution.  This resolution may not be successful.  Be creative!  Consider all forms of the cold case, from a missing person or item, to an unsolved crime, to an unresolved relationship.

We strongly encourage original play submissions that are developed for this presentation.

Using your skills and imagination, write an original play that will be presented as a staged reading on the set of Abingdon’s next production, BODEGA BAY, by Elisabeth Karlin and directed by Sturgis Warner.   The Benefit Challenge Series seeks plays written in any style that reveal a fresh plot, sufficient conflict and a running time of 10 minutes, maximum. Plays are due at midnight on Friday, January 11, 2013.  SERIES A performs on Tuesday, February 5, and SERIES B performs on Tuesday, February 12. Are you ready? Here are the guidelines. Please read carefully! 

  1. Abingdon presents the play. We provide the actors, directors, stage manager, rehearsal space and the theatre (the 55-seat Dorothy Strelsin Theatre at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, 312 W. 36th Street, NYC).  There is no fee or cost to the playwright!
  2. This is also a fundraiser to support Abingdon’s New Play Development Program. ALL participants are donating their time and talent, and HELPING TO RECRUIT AN AUDIENCE. Our goal is to fill every seat in the house!  The suggested audience donation is $10.
  3. Each playwright and director will be able to attend the staged reading of their script in designated seating.
  4. Every play gets two performances.

Please make sure you follow all submission requirements.

1.     Your play must adhere to the theme of a cold case.
2.     Your play must define the setting.  The stage is a raised, open platform.  Your play can take place in or out of doors.  Available set pieces are a table and 2 chairs.
3.     Write for a cast of 2-3 actors (any age, race, ethnicity, or gender).
4.     We prefer scripts that can be staged without relying on stage directions. If stage directions are necessary, please keep them to a minimum.
5.     Your script will be presented as a staged reading in accordance with AEA guidelines. Keep production values to a minimum. Costumes are at the discretion of the director and the willing cooperation of the actors. No hand props can be used.
6.     Plays should be in standard script format: 12 point font, 1” margins on all sides, and character names on a separate line. On your title page, please include your contact information (phone, email and address).  Be sure to number all pages.
7.     Submit scripts in MS-Word - preferred - or PDF format.
8.     Scripts longer than 10 pages – title and character breakdown pages are not counted – will NOT be considered.  Regardless of the number of pages, the running time MUST be no more than 10 minutes!
9.     You may only submit one script for consideration.
10.  Playwrights must attend the staged readings of their play.  Please specify your availability for SERIES A (2/5), and/or SERIES B (2/12). If you are available for either slot, let us know that, too!
11.  We encourage you to attend rehearsals, if possible.  The schedule will be determined later.
12.  The deadline for script submission is midnight, January 11. Up to 12 scripts will be chosen.

1.     Email your scripts to Bara Swain at Bswain@abingdontheatre.org
2.     Write in the subject line: COLD CASE SUBMISSION / Your Name
3.     In the body of the email, send your complete contact information (name, phone, email address) and a one-line summary of your play as well as your availability (Series A and/or Series B).
4.     You will be contacted regarding your script’s status in mid-January.

If you have any questions, contact Bara Swain or Kim T. Sharp, Co-Producers. For more information on Abingdon Theatre Company, see our website at www.abingdontheatre.org. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bara Swain
Kim T. Sharp
Abingdon’s Benefit Challenge Series

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