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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playdough is seeking new plays and musicals

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Playdough is a brand new company dedicated to molding new live events and performances with only the most inspiring writers and directors. Right now, Playdough is seeking new plays and musicals to be produced in their 2013 reading series. Small cast shows will be given preference.

Playdough has a unique and personal submission process. Interested applicants must email a sample scene (no more than 5 pages), 1-3 sample songs (if a musical) and a short paragraph about the personalities already working on the project. From this submission, select writers will be invited to PlayDate Appointments (Jan 17 and 18) to meet the Playdough Staff and present their best elevator pitch. After these pitches, Playdough will request scripts for the pieces they are interested in before choosing the first plays for their inaugural reading series.

Playdough is focused on having fun and vibrant hard-working experiences and therefore seeks to work with only open and growth minded individuals driven by love of what they do.

Playdough will bring chosen pieces to their next stage in the creative development process, producing workshops and productions until the pieces are ready to enter more commercial environments.

Email sample scenes, songs and how awesome your team is to info@playdoughproductions.com. Full scripts are not accepted at this point.

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