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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Monkeyman Productions, Toronto's geekiest theatre company, is now accepting submissions for THE SIMIAN SHOWCASE

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Monkeyman Productions, Toronto's geekiest theatre company, is now accepting submissions for THE SIMIAN SHOWCASE. We want your short play to be part of our smorgasbord of theatre, music, and merriment in April 2013.

To qualify, your script must:
  • Be no longer than 15 minutes in length
  • Be ready for presentation
  • Contain themes of geekery, fandom, and/or obsession with pop- and/or sub-culture
  • Require minimal tech and encourage suspension of disbelief

Your play may:

  • Have had previous readings/productions
  • Be a work in progress (playwrights will be welcome to attend rehearsals as part of their
  • script development process)

Send your script as a PDF or DOC file to:
Submissions due: December 15th, 2012

Plays will be selected by: January 12th, 2013

Final script changes for the showcase due: March 9th, 2013

Since 2008, Monkeyman Productions has created postmodern theatre with real relevancy to a culture informed by comic books, monster movies, and video games. We speak in the language of an audience that has most truly found its voice in the meme-ridden YouTube-obsessed depths of the Internet. We draw from popular culture in the way that Shakespeare drew from the common culture of his day – these are our mythologies, our tales of comedy and tragedy.

Through the development and performance of work which examines our obsessions and preoccupations in the 21st Century, we hope to discover the ways in which we truly have changed, for better or worse, and the ways in which we remain the same – with a definite eye toward the absurd, but also a corresponding empathy for a subject matter that, in the end, encompasses all of us.

To assess the cut of our jib, visit: www.monkeymanproductions.com

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