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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Astoria Performing Arts Center accepting new works

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NOTE: Playwrights from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut only

New play and musical submissions are now being accepted until December 15, 2012.

Only online submissions will be accepted.

The online form includes:
- Name & Contact Information
- Title & Brief Synopsis of the Play
- Character Breakdown
- Development History
- A 1-Page Resume, as a PDF File.
- The first 10 Pages of your play, as a PDF File.


You will receive an automated message when your play has been successfully submitted. Please proof read everything carefully and submit only once, as duplicate submissions will be removed.

If you have any questions, please email literary@apacny.org.


Q: Why are you changing the submission process?
A: Primarily because the old way required simply too much work for one person to do in a timely fashion. We are trying to find pieces to develop for our next season and we need to get through submissions more quickly so that each one has a realistic shot of being included for consideration. Another reason is that we wanted to streamline the process so that each submission looked the same.

Q: From whom will you be accepting submissions?
A: From tri-state area playwrights ONLY. This is a new restriction, but we decided that it was paramount that writers be available to participate in our community. Astoria is vibrant and we want our writers to be able to experience it.

Q: Do you want the first ten pages or can I send any ten pages?
A: Please send the first ten pages. And it’s not a STRICT ten pages — you can send the first scene if it’s longer, or the first two if it’s shorter.

Q: I have heavily edited a script I sent you in the past. May I resubmit it?
A: Please send us something new.

Q: When can I expect to hear from you?
A: We will be in touch if we feel your work is a good match for APAC and we’re interested in reading the full script.

Q: Where do I upload songs if I am submitting a musical?
A: Two songs may be e-mailed to literary@apacny.org to accompany a musical submission. Please put the title of your musical in the subject line along with “Music Submission” so it looks like this: [TITLE]: MUSIC SUBMISSION.

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