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Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 2011 Play of the Month: TOWER TATTS by Adrienne Dawes

VIEWER ADVISORY: this video clip contains obscene, raunchy language. Viewers are advised to use discretion.

The September 2011 Play of the Month is TOWER TATTS by Adrienne Dawes. Performed by Bruce Barton and Mike Durell. Allan Brown did stage directions and special thanks to Diane Quinn for operating the iPhone camera. Thanks to everybody for your great work and sharing your talent.

Adrienne discusses the origins of the play:
I wrote Tower Tatts first as a 5 minute sketch pitched to SC Faculty member and director Andrew Ritter as part of his sketch revue "Too Soon? A 9-11 Sketch Revue" (currently running in the de Maat Studio Theater in Second City's Training Center thru 10/14). Writing about September 11th seemed such an arduous, emotional task but I was immediately drawn to the project as an opportunity to explore as a comedy writer an extremely tragic event. I was inspired by the idea of exploring "the comedy of grief," a human emotion so raw, organic and universal. How would two grungy, tattooed men talk to each other about their grief related to the September 11th attacks? Though the sketch didn't survive to be included in the sketch revue at Second City, I continued to develop the piece as a 10 minute play and am really excited to share it with NYC Playwrights.

more about Adrienne and the cast here.

ABOUT THE RECORDING: Please note that the script calls for the actors to be in their 20s-30s, but since Bruce and Mike did the original reading (while we were reviewing the semi-finalists for this contest) with such enthusiasm and brio, they were kept on for the recording of the TOWER TATTS reading.

The next Play of the Month will be in October 2011. Deadline is October 2. More information here.

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