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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T. Schreiber Studio Presents the 2012 New Works Project

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Mission Statement:

The T. Schreiber Studio New Works Project is committed to supporting the development of new plays in a safe and nurturing environment-one that serves the playwright and enriches the T. Schreiber Studio community as a whole. The studio provides the playwright access to the expertise of experienced theatre professionals, sophisticated and well trained actors, and a supportive, interactive, audience. In, the New Works Project, T. Schreiber will develop new theatrical productions through a series of staged readings and collaborative refinement, culminating in a professional workshop production. The goal is to foster and elevate writers’ work to its fullest potential.

The winning play will receive two staged readings, in Winter and Spring, 2012, performed by T. Schreiber Studio actors. To further develop the play, audience feedback is solicited and the production staff of T. Schreiber will work directly with the playwright to refine the production. The New Works project culminates in a workshop production of the winning play for a short run in July 2012. There will be no cash prize provided for the selected play. However, the developmental assistance provided for the selected playwright is invaluable.

The New Works Project is committed to script development and successful production of new works. Winning playwrights are expected to participate fully in the development process: working directly with the director and T. Schreiber staff during staged readings; interacting with audiences post-readings; and participating in the workshop production. While T. Schreiber cannot provide transportation or housing to playwrights submitting works from outside the NYC area, every effort will be made to help selected playwrights find local accommodations.


Submission deadline for the New Works Project is October 1st, 2011.

Submission must be full-length in any genre.

Plays may not have received a full-scale, professional production prior to submission.

Playwrights with past production experience are especially encouraged to submit new work.

Productions should be developed for the stage, not other media: e.g. screenplays or teleplays submitted as theatrical plays.

One script per author.

There is NO submission fee for the New Works Project.

Plays should be between 90 minutes and 2 hours in length.

Do not send more than the materials requested below. No incomplete submissions will be accepted. We do NOT return script or treatment submissions.

Please NO PHONE OR EMAIL inquiries.

Submission is a two-phase process.

Phase I: Submit a two page maximum treatment of the play including title, character breakdown (please include age range and gender), and brief story synopsis. Also include 5 pages of consecutive sample dialogue. Playwrights should also include a one page bio and resume including contact information. All abstracts and dialogue samples will be read. From these, selected manuscripts will be solicited for Phase II by November 1st, 2011.

Due to the expected high volume of submissions, no materials will be returned to playwrights. Do not send a manuscript with or instead of the abstract. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be read. Paper copies must be mailed to T. Schreiber studio at the address listed below.

Phase II: All manuscripts that have been solicited for Phase II will be read and reviewed by the selection committee. Manuscripts should be neatly typed, securely bound and have the playwright’s name, contact address and phone number clearly visible on the front page. No unsolicited manuscripts.

Send treatment, sample dialogue and resume to:

T. Schreiber Studio

c/o New Works Project

151 W. 26th Street, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10001

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