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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Transformation Theatre 2022 Virtual Reading Series

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COVID 19: Due to the closure of facilities all readings will be presented online as a virtual reading. As such, playwrights may be asked to create an adaptation/adjustments to make each play more suited to this format. We look forward to producing live productions as soon as it is safe for our audience, staff and talent.
Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.
Thank you for your interest in working with Transformation Theatre, Inc. Submissions will open April 1, 2021 for consideration for the 2022 virtual reading series.
Transformation Theatre, Inc. accepts unsolicited submissions from playwrights around the globe, however, priority will be given to playwrights from the DC/MD/VA region. Playwrights at all stages of their career are encouraged to submit. While we accept submissions from outside the DC/MD/VA region, we do not have the funding to provide transportation or housing for those not local to the region.
Each play will be considered and reviewed in the order it was received. The first and extremely important step is the submission form. This is where the process really begins and the decision to move forward in our process starts here. Our review/evaluation process includes three members of our team, including the Founding Producing Artistic Director, Founding Associate Artistic Director, and one member of our board of directors. Those selected for further consideration will move on to the entire Board of Directors for approval. Unfortunately, we cannot provide feedback on plays that are not selected for our development process.
If selected, you will be notified by the Artistic Director to further discuss the process and timing. Our process in general is to provide initial feedback on the play, produce a virtual reading with a dramaturg led Q&A and audience feedback. Consideration will then be given to discuss the option of producing a fully staged production in the following year. All the while, you will be working with a professional creative team including a director, dramaturg, AEA actors and designers.
What we are looking for is a strong script and a talented playwright who will benefit from our process. TT, Inc. is looking for scripts that fit our mission. 
Our mission is to develop new plays that give voice to underrepresented people. Sadly, that includes a very large number of people who identify in various ways. Since we can only produce six readings per year, we find that we must narrow our focus in each season.

For 2022, we are looking for plays that explore and give voice to those who identify as
Transgender and/or non cis Gender Identity
AAPI/ East Asian
Native American/Indigenous
We are also interested in finding intersectionality in marginalized voices. Though we are looking for stories about and for those specific voices, it does not exclude others.
What we are not looking for are plays that are incomplete, synopses, or that do not meet our criteria and mission. We do not produce musicals (though plays with music may be considered), children's theatre or screenplays. ​We are not looking for micro plays, 10 minute shorts, one-person shows, kitchen comedies or living room dramas that don’t stretch themselves out of the genre a bit. Unfinished plays won’t benefit from our process and neither will plays that have extensive production histories.
We are thrilled that we continue to receive over 300 submissions every year. As such, our response time may be as long as three to five months. Please be patient and do not contact us before three months if you have not heard from us.

● Must be unpublished and unproduced
○ Plays must be in a form that would benefit from additional

○ Adaptable to virtual reading
○ Playwright must be open to feedback/criticism and must be willing to consider rewrites in collaboration with the Artistic Director, Director and Dramaturg.

○ Characters need to be specific (ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation)

● Open to global playwrights with priority to DMV regional playwrights

● Must be between 90-120 minutes in length

● No more than three locations (if working in realism)

● Must be able to be performed with no more than 7 actors

● Content must align with TT, Inc.’s mission statement

● Playwright acknowledges that while neither the playwright nor TT, Inc. are under obligation, it is requested that the playwright not enter into further production agreements of their play from the signing of the agreement until one month following the reading to determine if TT, Inc. will engage in negotiations of first option for a world premiere production of the play.

Play Approval/Selection: Founding Producing Artistic Director, Founding Associate Artistic Director, Play Selection Committee

Examples of underrepresented peoples and cultures (not a comprehensive list)

● African American / Black
● Asian
● Hispanic / Latinx
● Native American / Alaskan Native
● Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander
● Middle Eastern
● Transgender
● Gender fluid
● Two Spirit
● Women
● Religion other than Christianity

2022 Season Representations (we encourage intersectionality)

● Transgender/ Gender Identity
● East Asian
● Neurodiversity
● Native American

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