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Monday, June 29, 2020

Green Buffalo Productions seeks short plays with a Halloween theme

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Deadline: June 30, 2020
This year will mark the kickoff of Green Buffalo Productions' third season as a WNY theatre company! For the past 2 years, this fundraiser has showcased a variety of new and experienced WNY playwrights, actors, and directors at the University Heights Community Laboratory. Green Buffalo Productions is dedicated to keeping our actors and audiences safe, so this year, we are adapting the Spooky One-Act Play Festival to a Spooky Short Film Festival! This way, we can all enjoy our favorite event of the year from the safety of our own homes.

If you're looking for inspiration this year, Green Buffalo will be releasing Spooky Themed Writing Prompts for our #QuarantineQuarters. The top 6 plays will be chosen by Leyla Gentil, Ellen Scherer, and Madison Sedlor. The production will be co-directed by Leyla Gentil, Zack Hatrick, and Ellen Catherine Scherer.

  • All scripts must be screenplays or scripts with a Halloween theme that can be easily adaptable to film.
  • All scripts must be 10-15 pages.
  • All scripts must include no more than 3 characters.
  • All set requirements must be minimal.
  • All scripts must be submitted in PDF format with an author bio, headshot, character descriptions, & script synopsis.
  • All works must be completely original. Feel free to collaborate with others, but be sure to submit original work.
  • There's no limit to how many works you can submit.

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