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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Little Black Dress seeks 10-minute plays from women

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2019 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Fest: Swimming With Giants (submission form)
This year’s festival theme is SWIMMING WITH GIANTS.  Playwrights are invited to submit short (1-10 minute) plays and/or monologues written on this theme.  In the past we’ve had great success with short scenelets as well (10-minute plays comprised of a couple of scenes, which we can sprinkle throughout the line-up).

**We know that the "ten-minute" thing can feel vague/limiting/over-done/etc.  But believe us, we have built some truly kick ass festivals out of some truly phenomenal short pieces that meet (or even beat) the ten-minute mark.  Our most successful plays have been those that move with a snappish pace, that punch you in the gut and keep on running, or make us laugh so hard we gasp for air and then BOOM, it's over and we're over the moon.  Short plays that leave us wanting more instead of feeling antsy are the bees knees, as far as we're concerned.  So please adhere to the under-10-minute challenge and have fun!  (And keep in mind we strive to produce as many playwrights as possible, so shorter pieces do stand a better chance of making it to the final line-up)**

Remember:  Little Black Dress INK utilizes a peer review process for evaluating plays.  By submitting to this fest, you agree to participate in this unique opportunity to help select plays for production.

Once our submission window is closed, you will receive a selection of plays to read and score using the LBDI online eval form.  You MUST read and submit your evaluations by the required date in order for your play to remain in consideration.

Submitted works will be read by other participating playwrights and LBDI artistic personnel.  By submitting to the festival, you agree to share your work for review in this process.

As always, LBDI will be producing readings of the top scoring plays at locations nation-wide.  The top eight to ten scoring plays will also move on to full production with Little Black Dress INK in 2019.

Submissions will be accepted July 1st – Aug 15th.

*** There are two steps to submitting work for this year's festival:
      1.  Complete and submit the form.
      2.  Upload a BLIND PDF at the bottom of this form (Blind PDF = no playwright info anywhere on the script!)
      3. Check your email for confirmation of receipt!  (If you don't get a confirmation email from Google, it may mean something has gone wrong and your submission was not received.  Please let us know if this happens.)

REMEMBER - This year's theme is SWIMMING WITH GIANTS.  Now go wild, ladies!  We can't wait to read your work!

Questions?  Email Info@LittleBlackDressINK.org  (This is our question/info address only.  Please do NOT send submissions to this email address as they may get lost.)

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