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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Prescott (AZ) submission guidelines

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Now accepting script submissions for the 2019-2020 Season

 We accept script proposals for Mainstage, Stage Too, Family Theatre, and Reader's Theatre.
​(Please note - PCA does not take submissions for Teen Summer Stock Ensemble.)


If you wish to submit an original play which you believe meets the PCA's mission, please send a letter of inquiry with a brief synopsis (only) to the attention of our Executive Director at director@pca-az.net.  Original plays WILL be considered for our Family Theatre, Stage Too or Reader's Theatre productions.  Please indicate that the script is intended for one of these venues.

​Final decisions on venues will lie with the Production and Play Selection Committees with approval of the Board of Directors.  Our venues include Mainstage; Stage Too; Reader's Theatre; Family Theatre, and Prescott Summer Rep ( in Stage Too.)  NOTE: We will accept popular, well-known, small cast, COMEDIES only for Summer Repertory!

Stage Too Submission Cast Size Limit:  All Stage Too regular season submissions (including Reader's Theatre and Prescott Summer Rep) are limited to a cast of 6 or less.  Titles with more than 6 cast members will be considered, but are unlikely to be chosen for production.

Each play title submitted MUST  be accompanied by the following:

  • A hard or electronic copy of the title.  PCA WILL NOT purchase a hard (including a CD of the music if appropriate) or electronic copy.  That is incumbent upon the submitter.  PDF scripts should be obtained by the submitter and attached to the Script Submittal Form.
  • A brief comment and/or synopsis of the title.  You may recommend a venue for your play here.

If you have any questions before submitting your title, contact the Executive Director at (928) 541-0209 or at director@pca-az.net.

Please use the on line form to submit your script.

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