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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Write a Monologue for Me Part II: LAKE TOWANDA by Natasha Sera

Thanks to Natasha Sera and Starra Andrews for their great work.

Natasha says:
I was really inspired by Starra Andrews' statement about the kind of play she wanted to see - I'm a big fan of Stranger Things too. I thought it might be fun to update the old horror story "The Monkey's Paw." I especially enjoyed playing with having the play exist on two levels - you can read it as a supernatural event - or you can look at it as the story of a woman going through a breakdown due to tragedy in her personal life. It took several tries to get the whole thing to fit in one page - I was glad to have the challenge, it forces you to cut out all the extraneous stuff.
Natasha Sera is new to playwriting and wishes to thank the good folks at NYCPlaywrights for giving her a chance to share her work.

Starra's monologue request
I love all things paranormal, and since Halloween is coming - it's perfect timing. I would love to perform and bring to life your favorite Halloween story. It can be fun loving or frightening. Think "Stranger Things" or something in that genre. Trick or Treat!

Starra Andrews grew up writing fantasy stories and acting on stage. After attaining a B.A. in Theatre and completing the LACC Acting Academy in Los Angeles, her non-fiction book The Pursuit of Acting; Working Actors Share Their Experience and Advice was published to help student actors. She’s performed such roles as Helen Keller’s mother in The Miracle Worker, Claudia Draper in Nuts, as well as gritty, fun roles such as a Kit Kat girl in Cabaret. 
Starra has also been seen recently giving a tour on the NYCPlaywrights web site.

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