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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Moonshot Theatre Company is looking for one-act and full-length scripts

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Moonshot Theatre Company, a new non-profit organization in NYC, is looking for one-act and full-length scripts. We are seeking work that:

  • Is Entertaining, Bold, Relevant, Live and Collaborative
  • Would work well in a non-proscenium seating environment
  • Features immersive elements or takes advantage of being performed amidst a live audience
  • Has opportunity for multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Reflects current social/political issues in America in a creative way
  • Integrates whimsical/experimental elements, and inspires the child-like curiosity of an audience member
  • Is polished and ready for a full production (3-4 week run, 5-7 shows/week at a 74-99 seat NYC space)
  • Has not had a fully-produced production in NYC in the past three years (workshops and readings are fine). 

All work will be considered regardless of the gender identity, ethnic background, skin color and/or sexual preference of the author. We are excited to curate seasons of voices that celebrate the diverse cultures that comprise America. We are very interested in producing quality work from under-represented voices in America's theatrical landscape.

If you're usure whether your submission fits these criteria, it certainly does not hurt to submit anyway! We may be interested in championing you as an artist in some way even if your production is not a good fit for us at this time.

PLAYWRIGHTS (Seeking submissions nationally)

Please send:

  • A one-page treatment of your piece
  • A 10-page writing sample from the piece. 
  • Production History
  • A brief cover letter telling us a little about yourself and why you think this would be a good choice for Moonshot Theatre Company to produce!

If we would like to investigate further, we will ask for a full script submission.
Please Email submissions to Michael Amendola, Executive Director at Michael@moonshottheatre.com.

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