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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Women in the Age of Trump: SEARCH TEAM (excerpt) by Clinnesha D. Sibley

SEARCH TEAM by  Clinnesha D. Sibley is a finalist for NYCPlaywrights project "Women in the Age of Trump."

 Clinnesha on her play
As a black woman writer, my attempt is to always amplify the voices of disparate communities. During Donald Trump's time on the campaign trail, I published a series of social justice poetry. When he managed to get elected, I wrote this play to cement the moment he mocked someone with a chronic condition. I put pen to paper to illustrate how we are surrounded by Trump-like politics whether we choose to see it or not. Sometimes as a playwright, I grapple over what's more effective-- maintaining subtlety or being bold. In "Search Team", like in our day-to-day lives, there's both - subtlety and boldness.

Thanks to Clinnesha D. Sibley for allowing NYCPlaywrights to publish this video excerpt of her play SEARCH TEAM. And thanks to Lawryn LaCroix and Michael Rehse for their good work.
CLINNESHA D. SIBLEY is a published poet, essayist and award-winning playwright. For more information, visit: http://onepagerapp.com/clinneshadsibley.
LAWRYN LACROIX is an actor and singer based in New York City. She has performed in many shows in and around New York including Hip to Hip's TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA.
MICHAEL REHSE a graduate of Pace University with a BA in Computer Science, is a native of Redmond, Washington and a member of Cupcake Lady Productions, Co-Op Theatre East, Ophelia Theater Group, and the CAGE Collective. Recent credits include Imaginary Friends (Host, various, PCTF 2016), EverScape (Gil, NYC Fringe 2015), Easier Said Than Done (Nathan, PCTF 2015), and The Long Rail North (Sgt Maj Vickers, PCTF 2015). Other favorite credits include Comedy of Errors (Antipholus of Syracuse, NYC Fringe 2014),Things I Left on Long Island (Stephen, NYC Fringe 2014), Two Gentlemen of Verona: A Swashbuckling Comedy (Valentine, NYC Fringe 2013), The Importance of Being Earnest (Algernon), Hamlet (Hamlet), Measure 4 Measure (Claudio), and The Cast Party: A Survival Story (Owen Merrick). He collaborated in writing and performing What to Do In Case You Miss The Rapture, and was seen on the Biography Channel reenacting Patrick Muldoon's story in Celebrity Ghost Stories. All the much, so the many.

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